Having My Cake & Eating It Too

My Happy First Blog Birthday Cake from my friends!

My Happy First Blog Birthday Cake from my friends from the university paper!

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday… Happy Birthday…

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is this site’s first year anniversarry. It really is a cause for a celebration because to be able to maintain this site, that I did not really want and ask for at first but loves dearly now, really exceeded all expectations.

So much has happened to me in the past year that really would go down history, and it was such a joy that every single lunacy I did was documented here.

The effect blogging had on me was really a positive one. Aside from giving me a wider audience where I can take my cause through my writing, it has given me an entirely new learning experience, not only with my writing but more importantly, it has taught me a new definition of the words friends and interpersonal relationships.

I also strongly believe that blogging has made me a lot smarter too because it made me read a lot. More than that, blogging has given me an avenue to where I can process all of the insights lost here and there on the cluttered portions of my brain, my reflective thinking almost always working up and about and because of that it has made me a better person – a more analytical, more deliberate, and more mature person.

Of course I owe all of this to that one person who forced me – who dragged me by the arm – to put up my own blog, exactly one afternoon a year ago which we will all hide in a cloak of anonymity through the name ACOSTA, RICHMOND QUERUBIN, RN, the moderator of one of the best personal blogs in the world, but apparently he doesn’t know it, The Last Mon Standing, formerly Guardian Angel Acosta.

So with 102 published posts, 2, 029 comments, a lot of blog friends, and one good year behind me, allow me to include here my earlier posts – you could see they were my firsts because the comments were almost empty, well, except for Mon’s words. LOL.

The Antidote That Cured The Writer’s Block

Hinimatay Ako!

Mouth Temporarily Closed For Renovation

Oxygen! Oxygen!

Out-house Review

If Love Makes The World Go Round Then I’m Awfully Dizzy

I created my blog obviously on the 26th of February 2007 but I only started blogging regularly when July came, when I finally started to appreciate the joys blogging possesses – and I intend to appreciate it more in the years to come.

Thank you everybody for giving me a worthwhile experience.


37 thoughts on “Having My Cake & Eating It Too

  1. waw! may keyk pa talaga.. so sweeet!
    nakakainggit.. sana nung one year onld din yung blog ko, nahandugan ko din siya. waaaaaaah! kaiyak. x((

    hakhak. happy happy birthday prinsesamusang.wordpress.com πŸ™‚

    (belated pala. XP)

    next week na gift mo..
    LOL x))

  2. Congrats on your first year in the blogosphere, PM. You’re now officially a denizen of the dark side of the internet… πŸ˜€

  3. wow! congrats on your first anniversary, er, this blog’s anniversary.

    i hope on february 2010, i’ll reach more than 100 posts like you.. and of course, a lot of comments too!

    again, happy anniversary to prinsesamusang.wordpress.com!

    • yes of course i know you will be able to do that. it is not very hard believe me, i started my affair with blogging unbelievably slow. i must say that i enjoy going to your site, nice lay-out! it is the same as K’s no?

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! More years of blogging to come!

    I like the white cake above… haven’t seen like it.. hehehe.. i don’t know much about cakes anyway.. they all look the same to me, until i saw that white cake.. hahaha

    • it is a blueberry cheesecake. actually most cheesecakes are white. and some have icing. LOL. thanks for dropping by! much appreciated.

  5. heypi buhrtdei!


    may wish ba?

    kung meron, kapag magwiwish ako, gusto kong iwish na sana matupad ang mga wish mo… n_n LoL!

    anong cake yun?

    blueberry cheesecake[engk!]?LoL!

    bakit ka nagpost ng pagkain?

    lam mo namang kahinaan ko yun! LoL!

    • thank you-thank you! kasi pag bumati ka ng happy birthday may kainan! wooohooo! masarap nga siya kasi hindi siya nakaka umay, ang galing nga eh, kaso nadiscover ko na hindi ako fans ng blueberry, ikaw ba? i say you are a cool blogger too, nakakaaliw ka! high-five!

  6. You made it thru the rain, from hell or high waters. Blogging made you become like one of us.

    Never try going on a hiatus because you can never do it just when you think you would.

    Happy 1st!

    • .. because I can’t believe you’re already celebrating your 1st blog anniversary. I’m feeling as if you want to get serious in whatever directions that takes your effort. Been there too..

      What’s next, a unique url.

      High-five for more years to come (and more commenting).

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