Bring On The Brain: 10 Brain Facts That Make You Go ‘Hmmmmm….’

LOL. I just had to laugh at that title.

Anyway, my Natural Science 2 class at the university is now dealing with the nervous system. Of course I have to prepare for my teaching right, and one particular preparation merits posting on this blog.

I was surfing the net for interesting brain facts and what I found were certainly most interesting! I decided to pick only 10 amongst the humongous amount of information I was able to find. Here you go. And tell me how they made you go ‘hmmm….’

10 BRAIN FACTS that make you go Hmmmmm….

1. The electric consumption of your brain when you are awake can illuminate a low wattage light bulb, about 23-25 watts.

2. You are actually paralyzed when you are sleeping because your brain produces a hormone that stops you from acting out your dreams.

3. It is not possible to tickle yourself because your cerebellum, a part of your brain, warns your system about what you are about to do so you can never burst into a fit.

4. It is not your brain that is hurting when you have a headache because your brain does not have any pain receptor. Doctors can actually operate on your brain when you are wide awake without anesthesia and you will not feel anything.

5. If the blood vessels on your brain would be laid out it will circle the world more than four times because it is about 100,000 miles.

6. An octopus has more nerve cells compared to a man, 300 billion opposed to 100 billion.

7. In finding a man, size does matter – the size of his vasopressin receptor that is. The longer it is the longer a man is likely to be trustworthy, loyal, and faithful.

8. The female is nature’s default setting. All fetus have the female gender from the start but at about eight weeks old, a sudden surge of male hormones comes from the brain that kills all of the female attributes.

9. Love hurts – literally, because the receptors in the brain for physical pain and emotional pain are the same.

10. In order for a woman to be able to have an orgasm during sex, her amygdala, the brain center that controls fear and anxiety must be turned off. One good tip: warm her feet.

Note: These are random internet facts and they are not checked for validity.

25 thoughts on “Bring On The Brain: 10 Brain Facts That Make You Go ‘Hmmmmm….’

  1. I wonder what the octopus can do with the other 200billion nerve cells?

    I’ll tell fact no. 2 to my wife the next time she accuse me of her hitting her whilst asleep.

  2. ayos to.

    nag-aaral ako ng kung ano ano tungkol din sa brain, actually lahat ng tungkol sa medical. hay, kailangan ko pang mag memorize ng sangkaterbang prefixes at suffixes at rootword.

  3. kaya pala sa SAW IV[if im not mistaken], inoprehan yung matanda dun… what the—haha…

    alam ko yung tungkol sa kiliti…LOVE HURTS…

    napa-“ah, kaya pala” ako dun sa last…:))

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  5. Numbers 2 and 8 are especially interesting. I’m one of those who’s very active when I’m asleep. I mean, I dream a lot. That sometimes I felt really tired as I wake up.

  6. ah ok.. madali lang. ganito punta ka PRC. which is nasa extension nya ang EVER.. dun ka pupunta.. I think 3rd floor.. tapos, pumila ka sa verification, to get the result of your board exam grades, present your NOA.. I bet you remember the NOA thing.. di xa basura after board, kailangan pala xa.. lol. after that, kumuha ka ng OATH FORM, ndun mismo lang..pila ka sa POwer of atty, tapos, pa stamp ka.. ayun.. tapos punta ka sa date kung kelan assign ang surname mo para magfile.. πŸ™‚

    • thank you ha. i think i will go on monday. sa tuesday ako naka assign magfile eh, para madaling matapos na siguro. salamt ng madami ha. sana makita kita sa oath taking.

  7. wow. interesting facts. i think i heard a couple of these before but the rest are pretty much new to me. πŸ™‚

    #10 is interesting. hehehe. thank you for the tip, PM.

  8. “Doctors can actually operate on your brain when you are wide awake without anesthesia and you will not feel anything.”

    -> Naalala ko tuloy bigla yung pelikulang Hannibal (2001). Have you seen it? It’s the one with Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore. There’s a scene there wherein Hannibal sliced open Paul Krendler’s (Ray Liotta) skull and took a slice of his brain. Paul didn’t feel any pain when that happened. It’s a bit gross, lulz. :p

    • LOL i did not see that movie but i think that part you mentioned was disturbingly cool. welcome to my house, your drop is much appreciated.

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