I went to church last night with my sisters. It turned out that yesterday marked the start of the 40 days of waiting for the actual lent, I’m not sure what really defines the 40 days, but there is a 40 days thing going on.

The priest said that after Ash Wednesday, the lent is indeed looming in. On that light, he asked if we are already hungry and fasting, or if we are still so full, both with food and with all the wants we fill our lives. He instructed people to fast –ย  to allow once body to be weak so you will feel a dire need for the word of God. That statement goes out to you joyfulchicken and your carnivore posse. LOL

I am not totally against the practice of fasting preached by the church – after all it is the church. But after the mass and before having dinner a strong thought occurred to me. Why would you choose to weaken your body for the Lord where you can strengthen it to do service for Him better?


For some reason, I thought about euthanasia last night while at the church too. Of course euthanasia is illegal – especially in a ‘traditional’ country like RP.

Interestingly, I thought about the legal Do Not Resuscitate or DNR order that a patient or the family of a patient have as a right. This can be asked to the attending physician by the patient and the physician cannot object. This is an order written on the chart of the patient, DNR meaning, once the patient goes into a sudden cardiac arrest nobody will do cardiopulmonary resuscitation to try to revive the patient.

A DNR order allows the patient to ‘go down’ without a fight, unlike what usually is the scenario in a hospital where endless CPR will be rendered first in a last ditch effort to save the patient.

To an extent, DNR is synonymous to euthanasia – mercy killing.


PM is still lethal today. I wonder when did weekends as rest stopped occurring for me?

I feel like a cat roadkill, a slave water buffalo, and a soldier ant with no rights.

As what my youngest sister Kulot says, I think I need a “power hug”.

61 thoughts on “DNR

      • there’s a big difference in saving lives and letting people go with dignity. if ever you find yourself working in the US in the future, you will be in for a surprise about the huge gap between the Philippines & the US when it comes to the way health care professionals approach the issue of death and dying. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • i actually have an idea, well sort of. my point of contention only here is that the similarity of DNR to euthanasia.

    • yes it is their right what i am trying to argue is the ethics behind that right as opposed to euthanasia.

  1. actually its 46 days starting Ash Wednesday till Easter Sunday. 40 days if you’ll exclude all the sundays. ๐Ÿ™‚

    abstinence is our family tradition from ash wed to black saturday. within this period, we avoid meat (pork, chicken and beef). pero pag mga kids, di pa sila kasama.

    u haven’t watched YCML (you changed my life)? ahehe ๐Ÿ™‚ ang gwapooo ni lloydie! daming beses ko na napanood! weeeee ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • sabi ni father samin 40 LOL talaga ang galing naman abstain kayo! wow! nako ni plans to watch it hindi ako movie fan eh but i’m glad you enjoyed it ng maraming beses!

  2. i remember watching an episode on House about DNR. i think doctors are opposed to this because it seems like they’re doing nothing to save a person’s life. personally, I don’t like DNR, but sometimes, it may depend on the situation.

    • i agree – it may depend on the situation. but kg, we are health care providers – we must save lives. but of course DNR is a patient’s right so we cannot do anything about it.

  3. yung tito ko… di-DNR sya… utos na din ng asawa nya… masyado na sya nahihirapan eh… at tsaka aparato na lang din kase bumubuhay sa kanya eh… 3 years ago yun.

    eto para sayo *hugs*

    • thanks for the hugs. wow that is an interesting story. i do not think i can see myself making a decision about DNR because i am torn. i am still thinking about it really.

  4. Hmmm… While I’m not exactly a proponent of lenten fasting, I don’t think that fasting necessarily weakens your body–1 meal a day isn’t really much. Of course if you’re too weak that you can’t do without a meal, then you’re probably exempted from fasting. Of course, one can choose to fast from other things that keep you from observing lent properly, and it need not be on the Fridays of lent only.

    As for DNR, I’d like to think of it as mercifully allowing somebody to pass on. The operative word here is “allowing” instead of “assisting”.

    • you maybe right about the allowing thing. but do you think that is also a case you can argue about euthanasia?

  5. when a family decides to greenlight DNR, they are privileged. They have a choice. When a family from the squatter area couldn’t buy the medicines for a relative in the ICU, they have no choice but to go HAMA.

    With due respect, PM, HAMA is more cruel and inhuman.

    • i agree about yout HAMA thoughts. i saw an incident like this at the local provincial hospital. it is a sad reflection of the poverty of life.

      • a poverty made more tragic by the absence of choice… kaya madaming MD ang nag RN dahil sa HAMA. what’s the point of practicing medicine kung d na man kaya bumili ng gamot ng pasyente mo? kaya sila nagdecide na payamanin nalang ang pilipinas ng mga dollar remittance nila para tayong naiwan hindi masyadong maghirap… that in itself is another tragedy. pero saka nalangnatin i discuss. anyway. Congrats!

        san ka clinical instructor?

        • hmmm… well that can be a reason pero pwede naman na gusto lang talaga nila ng ams malaking salary LOL pero yung nakita kong nag HAMA matigas lang talaga ulo sabi niya uuwi na daw siya talaga LOL thank you hindi pa ko clinical instructor malapit na!

  6. hug?

    hug na naman?

    sabi ko naman sayo eh..

    kapag hug ang kailangan mo, call me…


    .______ ยบ(ฮ˜(ลธ)ฮ˜)ยบ______.
    J L

    muka akong unggoy na may ulong panda… sagwa!

    niweiz, alam ko kaya 40 days yun[sa katoliko], kasi nga, di ba, ano,…LoL..

    alam ko eto yung time na nagdasal ng fortydays and forty nights tapos may nandedemonyo sa kanya… some kinda like that…

    • thanks for the hugs P! oo nga medyo unggoy ang itsura mo diyan LOL you are also right about the reason kung bakit 40 days – nung nagdasal siya sa gardern of gethsemani ba yun diba?

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  8. i think in my own understanding, fasting does not literally mean that you’ll have to skip from eating. there are a lot of ways of fasting in a deeper sense,perhaps.

    anyway, di ko alam yang DNR term musang, thank you for the additional knowledge.:)

    • LOL oo nga kasama nga dun yung mga wants mo pwede din daw magfasting dun. halimbawa abstinence para sa mga may asawa LOL

  9. I’m having some thoughts, too, about being weak to feel the divine need. That helps maybe. But I think we can feel the need and nourish it without necessarily being weak, and only for a limited period. A good practice will be to nourish the divine need everyday.

    • i agree. dapat araw-araw nagbibigay tayo ng thought sa divine hindi pag may okasyon lang tulad ng board exam LOL

  10. i think going to church does that to people – i.e. get people to thinking
    pag nasa loob ako ng simbahan
    kung anu-ano pumapasok sa isip ko
    things i don;t even think about pag wala ako sa loob ng simbahan
    i think it’s god way of reminding us of what’s truly important in life
    seryoso si raft3r

    • LOL oo seryoso ka nga milagro. natatawa nga ako eh sometimes naiisip ko, sa sobrang dami ng naiisip ko pag nasa church hindi na ko nakakapag focus sa sinabi ng priest namin!

  11. It was everyone’s decision, from my uncle (who was the attending physician) down to the family members. It was rather painful, but it would have been more painful to see my Dad go through all that suffering…

    • oh wow i bet that was an extraordinary moment. i guess that is always the reason why people choose DNR – to stop the agony.

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    • that is so sad. mahirap nga siguro talaga. i have watched this sa grey’s anatomy eh. yung intern tried to revive pa din kahit DNR di niya kasi matanggap pero syempre inawat siya nung residente.

  13. He instructed people to fast – to allow once body to be weak so you will feel a dire need for the word of God.

    That makes sense. When I’m hungry, I do feel a dire need for my god, the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  14. Still lethal, hehehe… PM, just remember the oath you had, and it will get you back to thinking negative on DNR.

    Power hugs to you.


    • i haven’t had my oath yet, it’s on the 6th of april pa, ang tagal. thanks for the power hug sheng

  15. I’m sending some fresh green salad with lotsa tomatoes over a grilled salmon sitting on top of it. And oh, an ice tea too.

    Wait, I had meat the other day. Opps.

  16. I don’t agree with most of the church’s tenets. I have nothing against Catholics though. As they say, to each his own.

    BTW, what’s a “power hug”? I think I’d like one right now. Oh man, Monday sucks. Ehehe.

    • i agree with you, to each his own. you are so right about mondays. my sister got that from a local movie trailer.

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