A Great DEMO-lition

PM has been away for the whole week. I appreciate all the love you had sent this way even when I was not able to visit you like always. I am perfectly fine now. I just fell unbelievably busy when this week began… because last Monday night the university told me that I was supposed to conduct my demonstration teaching on Friday, so I had exactly three days to prepare for it.

Today is demo day and I just finished having it, with I believe one of the largest panel ever. And boy did I bring it. Yey me!

I appreciated the generous comments the panel gave me. They praised my personality, my teaching, even praised my looks. They said I was ready and will make an “effective and efficient clinical instructor”. They were very generous. I thank them very much – especially my Critique and Cooperating Teacher for all of the guidance, help, and effort he exerted, not just on demonstration day but everyday.

All of the praises they gave me I enjoyed a lot but honestly, it compared nothing to the joy each time I feel my students learning from me. It was nothing compared to the way my heart fills with so much gratitude each time I know I am able to touch the lives of my students. It was no way near the elation I feel each time I see my students smile or laugh at my jokes. Unbelievably nothing compared to those times I strongly felt each time I would hear them say the word “thank you” or “nag-enjoy po kami [we enjoyed learning]”.

My demo teaching went great but more than the methods, approaches, and strategies I used, it was a success because I do love my students beyond compare. My week was characterized by so much work and a lot of insanity but the wonderful people around me who loved me, supported me, and helped me all the way made it a lot easier. THANK YOU SO MUCH to my family who went out of their way to feed a hungry crowd, to my friends from the student paper and to my Babe who worked long hours with me in trying to finish my teaching materials, and thank you so much to the Absolute for giving me this wonderful gift and opportunity.

The demo was so successful and there was no secret really, because all that we did we were doing everyday. I guess the best thing to do is to teach at the best level possible everyday so that when people come to grade and observe, it is just like any other normal day… just with visitors.

40 thoughts on “A Great DEMO-lition

  1. Hurray to Teacher PM! Congratulations for nailing the demo, and I’m sure you nail it every single day. There’s no better feeling for a teacher than knowing you have shared something, that that something has been absorbed, and that your efforts have been appreciated.

    • my greatest joy as a teacher is my students. after all, sila naman talaga ang dahilan kung bakit my teacher LOL kaso lang ang nakakalungkot not so many teachers feel the same way lalo na in college nako nakakaiinis.

  2. Congrats again. The fact that your gratification comes from your students simply shows you are indeed a teacher at heart 🙂 Keep it up. YOu’re sharing a good part of you to the world 😉

    • i think you can add it like any other site in your rss, and thank you. welcome to my house, your visit is much appreciated.

  3. you teach?…galing naman! I admire people like you, you know….being a teacher. Mahirap na profession pero someone has to do it at isa ka dun 🙂

    Happy Monday!

    • LOL i guess i agree it really is a hard job but someone has to fill in and i do am very happy to fill in because it makes me happy. welcome to my site and have a great week ahead.

  4. congratulations. ibig sabihin lang nyan, para sa yo talaga ang propesyon na yan. tungkol sa domain, pwede kang bumili ng domain sa godaddy o kaya naman sa panelhoster tapos kasabay na nun ang hosting. ang hosting ko e WP kaya 10 dollars lang sya per year. pero hindi pwedeng mag lagay ng ads. will email you more about it

    • thank you kengkay and for doing the favor and explaining. hmmm… that is interesting. may domain ka ng sarili but no ads still? what is the advantage in that? thank you kengkay. will wait for your email.

    • oh yes that is actually my goal, to give flesh and meaning to isolated bit of information. para mas enjoy LOL

    • thanks sidney, will do too! i love your name btw, reminds me of the novel character i created when i was in high school.

    • LOL thank you may blow out ako sa susunod na weekend LOL i am happy it turned out well considering the time frame but i guess it made me more hard working kaya okay din ang turn out.

    • hey thanks! it is my passion. i actually have a post about teaching titled ‘guro’. you can look it up on my search bar if you want.

    • i wonder why kinakain ni akismet ni ang comments mo sakin? anyway salamat ha sabi nga ng mga tao sa paligid ko it’s like i am having a very good streak lately but you know what? i’ve been working my ass off since ’09 started so i guess i deserve it!

  5. congratulations on the successful demo! 🙂 even just by reading this post i can tell that you really like teaching. and i think teaching is a noble profession. you go, girl! 🙂

    pwede bang maki-sit in in one of your future classes? hehe 😀

    • thank you! oo naman invited ka sa future classes ko LOL i like visitors on my classes and i do love teaching. it is the best way to share myself.

  6. “My demo teaching went great but more than the methods, approaches, and strategies I used, it was a success because I do love my students beyond compare.”>>> nice perspective. i hope every new teacher will learn from this. i think it’s really your passion.

    • thanks dong. i believe so too and i am just praying that the right opportunities will come so that i will be able to share myself through teaching.

  7. congratumalations ulit…

    anggaling mo Princess M! iba ka talaga… hahaha…

    sabagay, lahat naman pinaghihirapan. Kung nasan ka man ngayon, hindi dahil sa nagpapetiks-petiks ka lang, dahil pinaghirapan mo yan…


    you deserve it…

    go ,go , go!

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