I have discussed phagocytosis with my students in class weeks back.  It is the act wherein the white blood cells rid the body of pathogens or disease-causing microorganisms by engulfing or eating them.

To show an illustration:


That is my sister Kulot and my baby Jin. Don’t get it wrong though. They are friends now – most of the time.

I realized it has been so long since I posted something about my Jin! Anyway, he is doing very well – still fat, but he is starting to change his color the way Siamese cats do.

I just gave him a bath. He looked so pitiful. If dogs hate baths, imagine it for cats. I think Jin got so tired from the struggle of taking a shower he immediately fell asleep afterward.

Baths and Cats do not mix very well.
Baths and Cats do not mix very well, do they?

19 thoughts on “Phagocytosis

    • LOL you should see my older entries about them. when jin first came in the family they always wrestle each other because jin always does so much to annoy kulot like poop oh so close to her face when she is sleeping.

  1. Oh, I remember my cat-bathing days, when I had a cat. It was such a nightmare, and cats always look pitiful when doused with water. I am reminded of hundreds of LolCats trying their very best to avoid baths.

    • LOL they really look pitiful kaya nga once a month lang angligo ni jin minsan nga i pass a month depende kung mabango pa siya for humanitarian reasons LOL

  2. I’ve never had a cat for a pet. But because of your cat related posts, I’m liking to get one. If only they allow pets in my place, I’d definitely get one. Your cat seems huggable and mabango. =)

    • oh wow that is great! cats are adorable you really should get one. actually para silang babae, for sure you can liken the experience to a relationship. cats are spoiled and moody LOL jin does smell good nakakatuwa nga kahit na once a month lang siya maligo at gala siya ng gala hindi siya stinky LOL

  3. For us Pinoys, we would say cats should soothe themselves by licking their — oppss hairballs, not showering. It’s as if a cat’s nightmare to go on a bath.

    Well, you’re a slave to jin, so what can you do?

    • they hate it, baths. napaka laking struggle LOL but the cat has to take a bath. i mean we sleep together for heaven’s sake!

  4. I use to bathe my cat. Ah, those were the good ol’ days. Now I’m so lethargic I sometimes don’t take a bath on weekends. Ehehehe.

    Cats rule! I use to have a cat named Mingcat (he’s a snowshoe); he’s dead now. Now I have an American shorthair named Baboon. He’s presently suffering from massive hair fall (just like his owner, ehehe).

    • oh wow i sure would love to see photos of your cat. my cat gets hair loss also especially because i do not brush him often. my sister pia nags me to death about it but it has yet to take any effect LOL

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