Why Don’t You Regulate Your Fluffy Ass

I strongly believe I know how it feels like to be run over by a truck, even when I have not been actually road kill. The Year of the Ox is still on its perfect Ox form for me. Ugh.


Yesterday, Mother Goose and I, together with her wonderful former student, Dc. Ana, a registered dentist, went to PRC to fix all of my papers with regards to the oath taking and the professionals registration. I filled out a lot of forms and claim slips that I have to remember not to loose since I will be needing them next month when I am getting my license and board rating and passing certificates. We did so much in a day it felt like an episode of Amazing Race minus the cameras and plane trips. LOL.

But PRC was the same pitiful sight – lots of hurrying people like they were on their way to some mendicancy-infested game show to the point of hurting each other and lots of PRC employees screaming and going ballistic trying to ‘regulate’ people, their papers,  and their lines.

Somehow, I am amazed with this scenario. People who actually call themselves ‘professionals’ box each other out to get the better way or line. People who actually call themselves ‘professionals’ choose to behave in such a rowdy, too unprofessional-like manner in public that watching them go at it from afar will shed some light on why the Philippine Republic is the way it is these days. One has to shake his head in disbelief, or horror, whichever you prefer.

More amazing was the way the employees at PRC behave towards their clients. It was as if they were unaware that the people they were dealing with were professionals – who actually pay for their salaries. It makes me laugh thinking about it, because they yell so much, like who they’re dealing with were students, not that it is proper to yell at students of course. Mother Goose was at the brink of explosion yesterday she almost hit a lady on one of the counters. LOL. No respect at all for the professionals of this country. What a pity. And they tell me it has been this way since the beginning of time. OMG.


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of my family who went out of their way yesterday to help me deal with the unbelievable hell that was PRC.

Thank you to my Mother Goose for coming along with me. I don’t know the city, I really don’t know how I’ll manage without Mother Goose, then again, Mother Goose has forgotten how to get by the city these days. LOL. Imagine, I am 21 years old yet each time I have to go to the city my Mother Goose is with me. It’s fine though because we saw a lot of mothers accompanying their professional kids at PRC. LOL. I guess it’s a trend!

Thank you to Dc. Ana for taking a leave at work only to be with us and helping us find our way. Although hers and Mother Goose’s directions seldom meet, we still end up on our destination. LOL. Thank you for walking as quick as us. I know Mother Goose and I walk very fast. You’ve been so wonderful helping me again in PRC, and sorry we were late again. LOL!

Thank you to Kuya to for giving us a ride to San Fernando so we can be home earlier and I really appreciate everything you have been doing for me ever since my Manila saga began. Going to the city will never be fun for me but because of you I find comfort somehow.

Thank you to Don Domeng for picking us up from Balanga City so we can be home at last, even when it was late and even when he still had to borrow a car because ours was at the machine shop with a broken transmission.


You know what, I am a very blessed girl with all of the people who are always there to help me find my way.

And speaking of blessed, for someone who was a bad ass at the review center, an 81.60 board rating isn’t half bad at all.

13 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Regulate Your Fluffy Ass

  1. It is the case of these low lifers at PRC milking everyone they see because people “need” them. I’ve always wondered why the bureaucracy when these days we can do things through the internet ? 😦

    • they actually have a program that allows seamen to get their licenses via the internet kaso trial pa lang kaya sila lang yung pwede pa hay nako.

  2. It is one of the reason I “hate” (sorry for the strong word) sa atin when other people are treated that way – be it in the PRC, Airline counter, custom officers, Bank tellers. It pisses the hell off of me, all the time. And those big ID badges on their chest… ugh.

    Even our beloved Phil Consulate here in HK, thinks people who ask for ‘help’ is a nuance to their work. I mean cmon, most of them work with cellphone in their neck or under the table busy with other thing such as SMSing.

  3. Oh my god, horrid, horrid people. What type are these? Neanderthals? Cro magnons? Tama ba yung sigawan nila yung mga clients nila? Dapat sa kanila isumbong kay Tulfo! Ehehehe.

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