Alla Luce Del Sole

I actually have no clue what alla luce del sole means but I can tell you that it is a good song, and for someone like me who is a lyric buff, as I’ve told you before, me liking it really means something.

I heard this song for the first time when I watched the David Foster concert on DVD in Kuya’s house and I fell in love with it, even when, as I have said, I do not understand a single word – well maybe for amore, I know that. LOL.

I think the song is Italian, is it not? It was sung by Josh Groban who looked amazing that time btw. Sometimes I wonder if it is really the song or just Josh Groban and the way he sang it. LOL.

I tutored Koreans before in English as a second language, and this one guy made me listen to a Korean song, then piapot told him that it was non sense because I would not understand a single thing and he replied that the melody is what is more important.

On that light, did you know that there is this thing about melody or lyrics people? My friend told me that more often than not, people who are right handed would care more about the lyrics than the melody while people who are left handed would be more concerned with the melody and could not care  any less as to what lyrics the song contained. My Man is left handed and it proved true for us, I just haven’t seen any study that proved it by research though.

I did not even know the title of the song but when I watched it over and over on the copy that my wonderful Babe got for me I could not resist but find out what it meant, so I asked Kuya what the title was and I searched the net for its English translation.

Alla luce del sole - Josh Groban
(Maurizo Fabrizo - Guido Morra)
Transcription and English Translation
by Flavio Ferri Benedetti (

Qui c'è il buio fuori di me            Darkness lies outside me, here,
ed anche un pò dentro di me...         and a bit inside as well...
che assurdità questa città             how absurd is this desert city!
senza persone!

Io non so spiegar neanche come         I can't even explain how,
ma non è questa la mia dimensione,     but this is NOT my dimension,
e la mia mente non è mai in pace,      and my mind gets never comfort,
è sempre altrove.                      it is always somewhere else.

Tu dove sei?                          But you... where are you?
La tua voce dov'è?                    Where's your voice?
Senza di te, senza il tuo aiuto       What about me if I don't have you,
che sarà di me?                       if I don't get your help?

Tutto sembrerà migliore               Everything will look better,
alla luce che verrà                   under the light that will come from
dal sole!                             the sun!
Questa notte passerà,                 This night will be gone,
il buio che c'è si dissolverà!        darkness will fade out!

Si vedranno le colline,               Hills will be seen,
io continuerò a cercare te.           I will go on looking for you.

Via da questa malinconia,             Away from this melancholy,
invidia o rabbia che sia.             envy or rage alike.
Qui nel mio cuore                     I don't want these words anymore
non voglio più queste parole.         to be here in my heart

Tu dove sei? Il tuo sorriso dov'è?    But you... where are you?
Senza di te, senza il tuo amore       Where's your smile
che sarà di me?                       What about me if I don't have you,
                                      if I don't get your love?

Tutto sembrerà migliore               Everything will look better,
alla luce che verrà dal sole!         under the light that will come
dal sole!                             from the sun!
Questa notte passerà,                 This night will be gone,
il buio che c'è si dissolverà!        darkness will fade out!

E alla luce di quel sole              And under the light of that sun
Io continuerò a cercare te.           I will go on looking for you.

[Interlude] Tutto sembrerà migliore,  Everything will look better,
alla luce, al sole.                   under the light, under the sun,
Il silenzio morirà,                   Silence will die,
la gente che c'è si confonderà.       People there will feel confused.

E alla luce di quel sole              And under the light of that sun
Io continuerò a cercare te.           I will go on looking for you.

This is one of those times that I am comfortable with not knowing, only feeling. I am a logic buff. I love reason and I hate not understanding. I do not buy anything that I have not gained peace with yet in my brain.

But as is the case with this song, I realized that there exists a time when what you think doesn’t matter at all compared to how it makes you feel. Maybe this is the reason why many smart people make what others think as ‘stupid mistakes’. Because they were fed up with thinking and just went on with how they felt.

I think there is a logic behind this confusion too. Maybe it will go well if we thought about how things make us feel, if they are real, if they are worth it, if they will last. Feelings can be some kind of a compass of what to do next, but ultimately, it is still the brain that has to decide where to or what next.

I have said it many times, the brain is on top of the head for a reason. But it is funny how I, and many others for that matter, succumb to that statement in the end.

34 thoughts on “Alla Luce Del Sole

  1. I thought I heard it from David Foster himself, that Josh can sing great in English but when he sings in Italian, he sounds even better 🙂 I couldn’t agree more 🙂

    • LOL that’s true. siguro kasi native tongue niya yun kaya ganun diba? basta there is something about the way he sang this song that i like very much!

  2. passion always rule reason. (do you read terry goodkind’s novels?)

    i think the left- and right-handed scenario is similar to the right and left sides of the brain. i think one of them is for math-y tasks (logic, numbers, etc) and the other side is for the artsy tasks. whatever.

    i am a right-handed person, loves lyrics over melody.

  3. hehe
    pareho tayong mahilig sa lyrics
    iba kjasi ang dating pag may sense yun kinakanta, diba
    di lang “womanizer,womanizer,womanizer” ang lyrics

    eto subukan mo
    who let in the rain, cyndi lauper
    panalo yan
    isa yan sa mga all time faves ko

    malay mo baka i-remake ni groban yan
    mahilig yun magcover, diba

    happy weekend, prinsesamusang

    see ya around!

  4. hehe. oks si josh groban sa akin.

    i am right handed, pero i dont know what i care about. siguro nga lyrics. er, siguro melody din! ang gulo ko.

  5. I am left-handed, but I am partial to lyrics when it comes to choosing songs. Sometimes I’d like a song because it’s catchy, or the melody is soothing, but I get turned off when the lines seem silly. My friend and I most especially hate the song Brown Eyes because the lyrics seem to have been written by some grade school student (C’mon, I know that he loves me ‘coz he told me so…….) I also don’t like songs with sexual themes (Hello, Pussy Cat Dolls) or those that are puro kayabangan.

    • By the way, I love the lyrics of that song you posted above, the melody, I’m not so sure.

      What you said about thinking and feeling is very true. Personally, most of the time, I try to set aside my feelings and think of what to do. For me it doesn’t matter how I feel, because what matters is what I will do about a certain situation. And what I do is mostly thought about before carried out.

      • LOL pareho tayo nakakainis yung mga lyrics na hindi well thought of no? tapos sumisikat pa! waaaaaaa!

        siguro kasi paang national anthem yung melody ng alla luce del sole LOL.

        good for you. syempre it is a must to think about it, after all, we would have to live with those actions and decisions for a long time. apir!

  6. ^^

    hindi na ako masyadong busy…i think afetr nitong week…

    panaka-naka na nga lang ako kapag magbabasa ng mga blogs…


    hindi ako nakakapagcomment pero nagbabasa me…

    ang gusto ko lang na nikanta ni JG ay yung you raise me up…

    nainlove ako sa kanya nung panahong iyon…

    tapos nasuka ako nang kantahin ng westlife…


    but this song is good…



    baligtad kami ni ate…kaliwete siya at ako naman ay kaninete… kaya lang mas gusto kong pinapakinggan yung melody… siya naman ay yung lyrics… ^-^

    kaya siguro ako ABnormal na tao.. hindi marunong sumunod sa Laws ng Natural Science… ECHOS!


    • good luck with your studies P sana makaraos ka na. ngek eh boyband ano pa ba yung aasahan mo LOL ganun ba baligtad kayo ng ate mo ngek siguro ikaw yung exception tsaka wala namang research na nagbaback up nun sinabi ko naman diba kaya yun LOL

  7. “…it is still the brain that has to decide where to or what next.”

    Exactly, be it rock, r&b or pop, just let it flow into thin air, listen to it, feel it and let it “do the talking”.

    Like R&B, they relate more to relationship, break-ups & sex. Did you know that rock music has the most emotional lyrics? And if you think of Pop, they are just chorus songs and you repeat them in sync then forget it after a while.

    I need to buy this CD, Charice was not featured on DVD tho. She has 2 tracks of Whitney’s song. Sounds good actually.

    • ayoko ng lyrics ng plain pop song LOL ang gusto ko lately eh adult contemporary at jazz. obvious naman diba? anong dvd ba? eh yung you’re the inspiration dvd buong concert yun tapos may cd din. dun sa dvd andun si charice. basta yung buong cocnert. paborito ko nga yun eh.

    • i love him too LOL especially the way he looked on that video ang bango-bango niya tingnan sa pink na undershirt!

    • hindi ko masaydo naappreciate yung english na lyrics LOL yung italian na lang ulit LOL but i like the melody and i like josh groban more LOL

    • LOL nahahalata ba? next time si michael johns naman LOL charice? i think she is a good kid LOL ano kayang connect? LOL what i like about her is that she has given the world another side of Filipinos to see, para maiba naman diba for once magaling naman tayo.

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