Happy Birthday Jin

Two days ago, one year back, I graduated from college with a BSN degree. My Man did not hand me a gift that day, until two days later, March 28, 2008, when he gave me my precious Tabatino cat, Jin, who turns one today.

Happy Birthday Jin!

Well, not really birth day because when Jin was given to me he was already 2 months old, but still, that was when he came to me and he became my baby. It was actually a pretty interesting story. My Man and I were at the city and he said we would visit our friend, Deer. When we came to his house, as he opened the door, this tiny Siamese cat zoomed out and the moment I saw that fur ball I fell in love with it. Good thing it was mine!

It turned out that my Man asked Deer to find him a Siamese cat for me, since I adore cats, and Deer did and brought Jin from Manila to us. Deer told us he smuggled Jin aboard an airconditioned bus but the cat was so restless that he had so many scratch marks trying to make it stay put. I told him I appreciated his efforts.

My Man and I just take so much pleasure in having Jin that we really celebrated his birthday, today, with lots of food.

Cake for the Cat

Cake for the Cat

happy birthday Jin!

happy birthday Jin!

I can’t believe it has been a year, and what a wonderful year it was.

Jin on March 28, 2008

Jin on March 28, 2008

First Day with Mommy PM

First Day with Mommy PM

Jin on March 28, 2009

Jin on March 28, 2009

All grown up

All grown up

But still lazy, and cute

But still lazy, and cute

Yesterday, I attended the commencement exercises of my Aunt’s pre-elementary and primary school, St. Agnes Institute. The kids were great! All along I was thinking, if only Jin could talk he’d be on that stage with those kids LOL or maybe not because he is too young. LOL

I so love my cat.

35 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jin

  1. Awww…. cute. Jin’s birthday celebration was really special, huh! And since I know meow-talk (aside from Lolspeak) lemme greet Jin A meowthy-meow purr purr meowie!

    • thanks for that wonderful greeting kat! and i admire you for the many languages you can speak fluently!

  2. ang sosyal naman may cake pa! hahah.

    nakita ko nga ung difference, super lumaki nga sya a year later. Syang hindi kasi ako mahilig sa pusa. Masyadong tamad. lol. Aso pwede pa. =)

    Takot nga din pala ako sa pusa. How ironic kasi dapat aso ung kinakakatakutan diba? haha. Ayoko ung eyes ng pusa, nakakatakot. Pero kung black ung mata ok lang sa akin.

    Happy birthday nalang kay Jin! Swerte sya kasi ikaw amo nya, mukang wala ka naman kasing balak na gawin syang siopao. lol. Ayan nga at may cake pa sya galing sayo.

    found ur blog through ate kengkay. add kita sa link ko kung ok lang. =)

    • dati he’s the size of my palm pero ngayon eh is so big, and fat LOL i have a friend katulad mo takot din sa mata ng pusa tawa ako ng tawa sa kaniya. thank you for dropping by and for the add. will do so too.

  3. Jin is so friggin cute and he even got his 1st bday cake…

    WHAT? a cake and ‘licious looking? WHAT? with candles? WHAT? with sugar-icing? Animal abuse… hahaha.

    I didn’t even get a cake on my bday!

    • oh wow happy birthday to your wonderful kids i am so sure they are growing up well. thanks to their wonderful parents!

  4. Wow, happy birthday to your cat! He looks nice and clean; mukang madalas maligo. My cat is the complete opposite. I think I’ve only managed to give him one bath. After that I gave up. I think he’s 5-6 years old now; massive hair fall on his rear side. Ehehe.

    • LOL i think i want to see a picture of your cat LOL but you know i also find it hard na paliguan si jin kasi awa ako sa kaniya. it looks such a struggle to him, bathing. hay nako. nung nakita nga siya ni my man kahapon, pinagalitan niya ko kasi may scratch siya pano may fleas LOL

  5. aAaAWWw…

    alam mo ba???

    dalawang taon na akong nanghihingi ng pusa sa klasmeyt ko….

    kaya lang… may mas nauna pa sa akin… :))


    kailangan ko pang pumili nang aalagan…

    …heypi bday Jin!!!>>>pakisabi na lang sa kanya ah! ;P

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    • thank you! to be honest, i am very compassionate when it comes to animals, for people i am not so sure LOL

    • LOL really bawal sa kanila ang dessert? i think that is the saddest thing on earth LOL hindi siya kumain pero our other doggs, jin’s guests on his borthday, ate the cake. okay naman sila till now LOL

    • the cake is quite lovely and i think it is me who liked it much LOL i think it is my favorite goldilocks cake, so thank you to my babe for giving the cake to jin LOL

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