Warm My Heart

I spent today on the beach, on Don Domeng’s beach (you can come if you want btw we are on Bataan) and I had so much fun with my siblings, plus the food is great, thanks to Mother Goose.

It was scorching hot though! At first during the morning, we were staying on a nipa hut near the ocean until lunch but after lunch, it was so sweltering hut I think I was melting! Well, at least the lotion I put on was melting LOL so we transfered to an airconditioned room and it felt like I’ve died and gone to heaven! LOL.

However, when I opened my blog tonight just moments ago, I felt another warming presence, not the sun of course because it is night time LOL, but the love coming from my blog friends and readers. Thank you so much for taking your time to spent some moments with me, even if you just read me and leave your comment, I really feel such a connection, like that friends share, so thank you so much, especially to the ones who greeted my Jin for his birthday yesterday!

These were my most favorite comments for tonight though that I really appreciate because it seems like they were first time visitors and they had a blast, and that makes me so glad.

Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
See you!
Your, Raiul Baztepo

I love your site. Keep it up ! – knowledgetoday

This blog’s great!! Thanks :) . – matt

Sometimes I wonder if I am achieving my advocacy through keeping my blog, especially when days come when I feel low, or when my hits are low. But each time I ponder on it, even if there is just one person out there who somehow manages to smile after reading my posts each time, then I can smile and say that yes, I am achieving my advocacy through keeping my blog.

You see this is the way I try to make the world a better place, no matter how weird that seem to came out. LOL

Thank you my friends, you are not just my readers, but my friends.

26 thoughts on “Warm My Heart

  1. i was so disappointed last summer because i didn’t go to the beach. i wanted to, i planned to, but pretty much the whole summe rplanned without sticking my feet into sand and letting the waves wash over me.
    but it is already april now, and in two or three months it will be summer in california again and i’ll have another chance to go.

    • oh wow i hope you can go to the beach and have a vacation. you deserve that! good thing here in RP we have holidays for lent so people get a chance to hit the beach.

  2. Hurrah to blogging, bloggers, and PM! It’s really heart-warming to find comments, especially appreciative ones from people who have visited your blog for the first time. Sometimes it gives me that giggly-schoolgirl feeling!

  3. hello pusa este musang pala..andito na naman ako at sensya na kase ngayon lang ako nakadalaw ulit..paano ba naman e di ka ata nakalagay sa blog list ko kaya ganun..ngayon add na kita para lagi kita madalaw..basta natutuwa ako dito sa pusa mo sa gilid, ayaw ko na nga tignan kase baka mahagip ako ng bala…

      • Hahaha, make sense.

        Minsan I get messages from people saying,

        “wala lang, napadaan lang”…

        Bat nag comment pa, napadaan lang pala. Annoying.

        • LOL ako ginagawa ko yun pag hindi pa nagbblog ulit tapos nakapagcomment na ko at dumalaw ulit, just to let the blogger know na nag aantay ako ng post niya pero di tulad ng sayo na may bagong post pero hindi babasahin at sasabihin na dumaan lang LOL annoying nga.

  4. talaga nga namang ang mga comments na nababasa natin sa ating blog can make my our day. ganun din ang nararandaman ko. anyway, agree ako sa sinabi ng mga nagcomment sayo. this blog is really great!! ^^

    • oo nga, ang galing-galing nga eh! P yung goodies ko for you di ko pa rin nasesend super busy kasi eh aaaccckkkk!

  5. It’s weird, the only commenters who leave nice short messages like that were my avid spammers.

    “this is a good site, i’m coming back”
    “i enjoyed your post”

    Well, let’s say it again, WORLD PEACE! 😉

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  7. just continue with your passion…keep writing musang, you’re in the right track.:)

    awww!kainggit ka naman, summer na nga pala, sarap na mag-beach!!:D

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