In Loving Memory of Mother Goose… Only She’s Not Dead Yet

I always have these thoughts about knowing our parents. Sure we know them as our parents, what kind of parents they are, but I often wondered what kind of people they are outside of parenthood. You know, what kind of people they are on the context of just being human.

I mean, how many of us know our parents outside of them being our parents?

Last April 1, the whole family went to the big city to give Mother Goose a dose of moral support for she was chosen by her former school to be their guest speaker for their CAT graduation.

Flashy uniform

Flashy uniform

I forgot what CAT means now but before it was Citizen’s Army Training. You know, ROTC for high school students. Mother Goose was their former CAT Commandant before we migrated to the mountains of Bataan LOL and she was their BEST CAT Commandant ever to this day, not coming from me at all.

It was a very special day for me because I saw Mother Goose in a new light. I saw her as a person, as a friend, as a teacher, as a mentor, and even as a lover to Don Domeng, and my golly she was good, very good.

Would you believe that, after 16 years of being away from that place, all of her co-teachers still love her to pieces, like she was just there yesterday? Their friendship to me looked like a cheesy TV soap opera that just got a break because of some commercial only to pick up where it left. When she gave her message on that event, she mentioned all of her friends who were still there teaching, and applauded their efforts from way before to this day, how they had helped her, how they had inspired her, and how they had loved her.

Would you believe that after 16 years of being away from that place, her students, now successful people with lives of their own, still came to that graduation ceremony just to see her, to see how she was, to reminisce the good old days with her? Oh wow. Now I know she was one hell of a teacher and the cards and letters my students gave me compared nothing to the fact that her students love Mother Goose and has almost placed her on a pedestal after 16 years of absence, I think even more than 16 years. I was only away from my students for a month, I think. Of course I do not underestimate the love of my students. I am just saying that it is far from 16 years of sweat, tears, and so much love that Mother Goose shared with her troops back then.

CAT is primal. When outgoing officers hand their swords, they hit the incoming set of officers!

CAT is primal. When outgoing officers hand their swords, they hit the incoming set of officers!

Don’t get any false ideas though, as a mentor she was tough, no make that brutal. CAT then was at its peak so the military training Mother Goose and her CAT cadets and cadettes underwent was immense. They trained in Fort Bonifacio with the rest of Commandants and officers in Metro Manila. At that training, Mother Goose was awarded Best Commandant, leaving her competitors way behind. I remember what Arthur said on that day, her first ever Corps Commander, “Itong pinagtatayuan ng covered court na to, dito kami pinapagapang ng Mama mo hanggang sa napatag na tong lupa. Those were the golden days [Your mother made us snakecrawl on this same ground where this covered court stands. Our bodies were the ones who made the ground flat and even].”

Mother Goose was at the peak of her career the moment she resigned. It was like Manny Pacquiao retiring after beating the hell out of Marco Antonio Barerra. Her then principal never accepted her resignation though, only thought strongly that Mother Goose was on a long leave even when the principal knew that of course, Mother Goose was never coming back to teach. She did it for us, for the whole family. Now that is sacrifice that never stopped there. Day after day, I see how much Mother Goose gives selflessly to us. I am not sure I can do as much as that ever because believe me, Mother Goose invented the word ‘super Mom’.

After resigning, Mother Goose never taught again because she left a promise to her former school that she would be forever loyal to them, that she was leaving not to find another school to teach but for her family. She kept that promise to this day.

I was very proud of her that day, Don Domeng too, as he was telling me stories of ‘way-back-then’ while the program goes on.

My only regret was that I never saw her teach during her prime. I am hell sure I would have drooled all over in amazement.

30 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Mother Goose… Only She’s Not Dead Yet

  1. Your Mama was still in highschool when I left for US so thank you for this blog otherwise I never would have known about this part of her life. After reading it I can feel my heart bursting with pride too and thanking God that she grew up to be such a strong woman despite the fact that we lost our mother when she was only 10 months old. Praise the Lord that she is there…healthy, nurturing and loving you to this day. Love you all.

  2. Such a lovely post for Mother Goose—I already know from you that she’s one hell of a mom, and now one hell of a CAT Commandant, too. It’s true that I only know my mom as mom, but not how she is with friends or at work. That I’d like to find out.

    • LOL that would be nice to find out. it is nice to get to know them apart from being parents. it makes us see them as ‘human’ too.

    • c’mon sheng how can you be too busy to tell her you love her? make sure you do tell her when you see her. that is something you can’t let wait.

  3. did your mother keep a journal or write poetry when she was young? perhaps she would share it with you? ask her about her earliest memory, how she felt when she had her first kiss, what she was most afraid of when she left home. she has probably many stories, some of which might surprise you.

    • no mother goose did not keep a journal but she did show me a leter she wrote for me when i was weeks old. i got sick then and she said she was very scared. sometimes we do talk about those things. it is both awkward and funny LOL

  4. i also wonder about that. sometimes hindi natin maisip na pwedeng magkamali ang parents natin.pero after all human beings lang din sila.

    hey thanks for commenting on my own blog.


    nako wag ka macurious sa watchmen, may bed scene kasi na unecessary kaya ayoko.tapos r13 lang sya. ehhe

    • oo nga eh siguro nga kasi magulang natin sila kaya ganun. hmmm… super haba ba n bed scene? diba merun din sa 300?

  5. your mom…a commandant, astig! 🙂

    I did not experienced CAT in high school. I joined the choir and acting club to be exemped (hirap kc ng CAT)

  6. wow you know what i am an officer in both CAT and ROTC before heher
    i took CAT in highscool
    and i am a class marcher in ROTC during college
    hayst i really miss those days

    • it’s funny but none of us siblings became officers. mother goose won’t let us because she knows how hard it is.

  7. i love your story because it is told with great love and respect.
    of course your mother had a life before you. but really, it sounds like she is living the life she wants. she made her family her life.
    she sounds like the *best* mother ever!

    • well she is my mother LOL i told her she was crazy for doin it but yes, she said that was what she wanted.

    • i’d like to think i am like her LOL but i think i’d like to be more like me LOL but i am very proud of her, how much she had given herself to that school.

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