Eternal Hope

Opting not to open my blog was the sacrifice I chose to do this lent [My Man would not allow me to fast on food because he is some sort of hypochondriac towards me]. My sister piapot ditched her phone while Kulot tried so hard to not watch Pokemon. My cousins, Kuya Alex MD, spends his lent break not on a break but on duty in the far flung area of Mindoro, while his brother, Engr. Kuya Nap, spent his day off on Good Friday not on day off but in the network office to fix things for all our cellular phones.

After a few days of sacrifice, I learned that it is very hard to give up things that I wanted to do – the normal routine for me was to check my blog upon waking up and to not be able to do that all of a sudden took a lot of mind bending.

The good thing was that it did not kill me so Happy Easter everybody!

Easter is one of my most favorite holidays not really because of the eggs but because of what it means to my faith. The idea that there will always be a resurrection – from all things dark – gives me peace and courage… especially that I am coming out of a loss of my beloved Cook, who is now having his ears happily scratched by the Alpha Cat up in the sky. Just knowing that Cook is in a better place now lightens my chest, because I can sure tell you that it hurt like hell.

But I am happy now. I think I am starting to accept the reality of things that Cook has now moved on, though without me, I am sure he is a very happy cat with lots of tuna to eat there.  I guess sometimes you really need to let go. Being the fighter that I am, letting go is never a part of my vocabulary, but now I understand that a good fighter must now when to fight but a better fighter must know when to let go.

I am dead sure Cook is having a new life up there, one that is better than we could both imagine.

This is Don Domeng's cactus that I watched blossomed.

This is Don Domeng's cactus that I watched blossomed a few weeks ago.

OVer a few days, the bud was a beautiful flower.

Over a few days, the bud was a beautiful flower.

It died yesterday, but the bud beside it also bloomed, like the cycle of life.

It died yesterday, but the bud beside it also bloomed, like the cycle of life.

Peace to you all. Have a blessed Easter.

24 thoughts on “Eternal Hope

  1. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and I am convinced that if God loves me by creating me, I don’t think he would like the idea of seeing me flogging myself to near death 🙂 It seems vain for us to imitate Christ when he did it for a reason that is beyond our reach.

    It is said that Easter Sunday is supposed to be the most joyous and significant celebration in the Christian faith. So Happy Easter to you 🙂

    • of course we can never reach his reason but we could always try LOL i agree with the most celebrated event, sometimes i wonder why it is not that popular as christmas. maybe because of the gifts LOL

  2. I was supposed to do a blog leave, i guess i did, i was busy with the details that happened in my life over the holy week, i just updated blog yesterday… Ingats!

  3. happy easter to you!! hay buti pa kayo nakapag nilay nilay at for a while ay natigil niyo ang mga dapat gawin.. ^^ well holy week’s over so balik blog hopping na ulit!

    • oo ako din hindi lang no bloghopping i did not open my blog entirely! i missed everyone mamaya bisita din ako sayo at sa marami pang iba!

  4. LOL, it’s amazing how you guys gave up things you’re so used to. I didn’t anything, I think I just played Music. Not too loud, though, I have to respect people who are doing the deed.

    Cook is probably happy with all the other cats up there. Maybe he found his Mom or other relatives LOL.

    That flower has a short lifespan, it seems to me LOL.

    • it’s our way of sacrificing, though very meager. that is a nice thought, sana nga ganun, abandonado kasi siya nung napulot ko eh. i’m sure he is very happy now. the flower has a short life span, and rare siya kung magbloom so that little time is very precious.

  5. i chose to ignore all phones for the entire week
    yan naman ang sakripisyo ko
    pero teka muna
    kahit di naman pala holy week, i don’t answer my calls eh

    happy easter, musang

    gaya ng sabi ko sa previous posts ko
    i don’t shed a tear over girls but when a pet dies i cry incessantly

    • pareho tayo LOL pero only when i’m home. ayoko kasi na nakadikit pa rin sa phone pag nasa bahay na. loosing a pet sure hurt like hell. para akong nawalan ng anak. that was how i felt.

    • that is true, bihira nga mamulaklak sabi nga din ni don domeng kaya nga i captured the life of that flower. nakakatuwa dahil madaming buds kahit namatay na yung isa meron pa ulit!

  6. hapi easter musamg, pareho pala tayo ng routine..pag gising ko nag oopen na rin ako ng blog para matsek..sakripisyo na rin nga yung ginawa mo dahil ang hirap ata na mawala dito sa ere kahit sandali..

    • it was hard. ang hirap tiisin pero nagawa ko din! inaliw ko na lang ang sarili ko sa ibang bagay pero parati kong naiisip!

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