Happy Birthday Babe Ko

The title might sound very possessive but there is a real need because on my past birthday, my Babe posted for me on this blog with the title Happy Birthday Babe. Having said that, I feel so stomped and unable to collect my thoughts because I am pressured to match his post for me before! LOL.

Happy Birthday Babe!

Happy Birthday Babe!

In the first few years that we were together, I wrote him a list of 100 reasons why I am so in love with him. When I gave it to him casually while eating at Jollibee, he was moved to tears. We were 16 then, I think.

Though we do not eat as much in Jollibee now than before, everything on that list still holds true to this day, if not I bet it has grown to add more and more wonderful things that we share together.

He is not only my lover but also my best friend, my consoler, my tutor, my engineer, my shopping buddy, my on-line game favorite party mate, my occasional caregiver and so much more that can go on and on and on.

I could really say he is a good guy because he has lived with my tantrums for quite a long time. I can’t really give you a precise time because we do not have an anniversarry, but we are turning 22 years old this year. You can see why birthdays and holidays are very important to us, because they mark our years together, like 5th Christmas together and so on. When we accidentally bump with friends from the past somewhere and they see us still together, they would look to him and tease, “Ang bait mo ha [You are very patient and kind]!”

I just wish him all the best for his birthday, especially in school. I could see how hard he was working these days and I could not be more proud of him. Last night when we were playing ROSE on-line, I asked him what his wish was for his birthday and he simply said he wanted good health and long life for everybody. I jokingly told him that I thought he was going to wish that I’d be thinner. LOL. At 110 lbs., he always tells me I am fine, but being used to only 100, I really gained a lot of unnecessary flabs. LOL.

I pray that we would still be together for many more birthdays to come, for the most number of birthdays to come. But if I really would think about it, I guess I won’t really have to worry so much. After all, we do love each other to pieces.

Happy Birthday Babe! I love you so much! But you already know that right?

41 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Babe Ko

  1. wew that was moving prinsesa… it made me go back to those times that me and b#$%^ were together enjoying each other’s company while slowly drifting together apart. lolz.. seriously, ikaw na ang inlove.. happy bday to your hubby though my greeting is ages late… i wish to see both of you living together forever and quoting Jack – die as an old, pretty woman (and man) on your bed….. wish you all the best of times…..

    • hayaan mo buzz kita pag nagpost ako sa coming birthday niya this year, lapit na, para timing ang greeting. nako wag mo ng iniisip yun panahon na yun no! haba haba ng hair mo ngayon eh kalimutan na yung mga ganun! πŸ˜†

  2. belated happy birthday sa babe mo
    sorry for the late greeting
    had no internet access fir the past couple of days
    i’m sure masaya ng celebration nyo
    happy sunday, musang!

    • nako kawawa ka naman no connection to the world but i am glad you are back. oo masaya naman kami ang tagal nga ng celebration eh! salamat!

    • sa totoo lang bw wala pa kasi nung araw na yun ang gusto niya short tapos nung humahanap na kami wala naman siyang gusto na short! kaya naghahanap pa din kami ng short hanggang ngayon LOL

  3. I respectfully nominate Babe & Babe as Couple of the Year!

    This is such a sweet post. Happy birthday to the Man!

    He’s your shopping buddy? Wow, girl, you are so freaking lucky.

    • wow thank you kat i appreciate that a lot, especially this early in the year LOL yes he is, real and virtual LOL but i find that he doesn’t like me so much as a shopping buddy. masyado siya naguguluhan sakin when i’m helping him, i think LOL

    • that is a pig LOL it was my gift to him last christmas. thank you so much for the greeting and your visit. much appreciated.

    • i did that so many years ago. we were 16 then and i really did not make such a big fuss about it but when he cried i realized that it was in fact really a big deal.

  4. musang, ang sarap magmahal di ba? imagine 16 lang kayo nun tas ngayon e turning 22 na kayo both aba e nakaka anim na taon na kayo nyan at going strong pa rin…ingatan nyo lang na wag masira ng kung sino ang relasyon dahil maraming tukso ngayon at walang nakakaligtas dun kaya ingat na lang…

    • tama ka diyan payatot sometimes i get very scared pero through the years we have both learned that we will never go forward unless we put our hundred percent trust on each other and on what we have. so far it has been working wonderfully!

    • LOL when i speak of him to my friends, i refer to him as hubby, so all of my friends call him hubby. some, after years of knowing us, will realize that they do not even know hubby’s real name!

  5. ang sweet naman talaga oo!

    alam mo ba?.. sa henerasyon namin [syempre hindi ka kasama don :P, JOKE LANG! labyu princess M, peace tayo ah!] mahirap na ang makakita ng couples na matagal nang magkasama… Kasi nang sinubok ng panahon, bumigay agad…

    keep it up, you two πŸ˜›


    • LOL i love taht last line P. pwedeng quotable quotes sa reader’s digest! i think bihira nga talaga kasi i found that marami ang nagmamadali sa henerasyon MO P LOL

  6. “First few years together.” – how long have you been guys together? (5 or 6 years?) That’s just super awesome. I want that sort of relationship too. The one I have right now, hopefully we’ll stay together for a few decades more LOL.

    My teacher once told me that your husband/boyfriend should be your bestfriend and whatever else you want to associate with him, just like you did! πŸ™‚

    Hope your relationship gets ever stronger.

    Happy Birthday to your Babe too LOL.

    • it’s been really a long time but for us really we are just enjoying each other as the days come to us. as i’ve said, we do not have anniversaries so we are practically creatures of the present and i think that is one secret of our success LOL i do pray that what you have with your special someone be strong and lasting. the secret is your belief in the importance of your relationship. write that down. LOL

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