Moving Mountains

I was out for most of last week because I had a sudden burst of things to do that I really did not see coming, as was always the case with me.

The thing is this: everybody please welcome back Ma’am PM! LOL

Let me give you an advice, the next time you pray, or say anything, mean it because the Big Cat up in the sky might be very well eavesdropping. His whiskers are kind you know, so you might get what you are asking for easily.

When my Babe and I were having his birthday lunch, and it was a good lunch btw, I suddenly had the urge to say, “Sana makapagturo na ko ulit agad [I wish I could teacg again soon]. I like myself better when I am teaching.”

Would you believe, the next day early morning, I was called to a new college to teach! I was so struck by the speed of light response to my statement the other day. In fact, I felt it was so soon that I was unprepared for it!

I was being asked to teach organic and inorganic chemistry. I thought for awhile, “Hmm… I had good grades in chemistry in college.” But I wondred also if I still remembered them now because that was what, four years ago?

But I thought, if I backed down now from this, I am pretty sure I will back down from other offers like this in the future. ‘Like this’ meaning subjects, or challenges in general, that will require double effort and has a single shot of anxiety to boot that will come my way.

So I did not say no. In fact I accepted it and was already in class in the last two days of last week. I have not started teaching though, regular classes start today.

What I thought about was this: in my professional life as a teacher, there will be a lot of instances when I will be asked to do things I do not know or things that I do not perfectly know. In this case, I continually remind myself that there is no need to freak out and quit, because the right thing to do is to exert the effort to know it, work hard, and at the end of the day i am sure beforeΒ  I teach it, I will already know it. I must never stop in finding ways.


Last Saturday, my Man and I, together with our good friend Deer and my siblings went to the mountains to snatch a good time from the days of vacation slipping away, in a wonderful, wonderful place in the mountains here owned by my FairyAuntMother Fe and Chief Daddy.

I will not do much talking but allow the photos to shout out at you.

Lunch is served (on banana leaves of course)!

Lunch is served (on banana leaves of course)! These are my sisters Kulot and Ched, and niece, I think, Chi-Chi

This hanging bridge was built by ChiefDaddy.

This hanging bridge was built by ChiefDaddy.

It was so quiet up here! Loved it!

It was so quiet up here! Loved it!

This is my sister ched with an Aeta native.

This is my sister Ched with an Aeta native.

The mangoes were great there. You pick them yourself!

The mangoes were great there. You pick them yourself!

The mangoes and pineapple stand next to each other. Where to look?!

The mangoes and pineapple stand next to each other. Where to look?!

These are wild berries. They are actually good, and sweet.

These are wild berries. They are actually good, and sweet.

I say it is going to be a golden harvest.

I say it is going to be a golden harvest.

All I can say is that I am really a blessed girl. If it is not the beach, it is the mountains. How lucky can you get?

32 thoughts on “Moving Mountains

  1. Looking at the pictures, bigla ko na-miss ang Pinas, gusto ko December na para uwi na kami diyan. Very lucky talaga kayo enjoy nyo lahat ng maganda, at sana lagi nyo thank si Lord for all that beauty na nasa paligid ninyo.
    About you, teaching Chemistry, WOW, siguro ngayon you know a lot more than me na. Kinalawang na ng husto kaya pag-uwi ko diyan I will need a crush-course to refresh my memory,heheheeee
    Keep up the good work. I’m so proud of you. Love you,Princess.

    • uwi na po kayo! nako hindi po malaking problema ko nga po ito nun eh pero nakaraos din ako salamat sa diyos. magtuturo na po ako ng OB-pedia kailangan ko yata ng tulong ni ate sheila LOL salamat po. love you more.

  2. the Aeta natives, I assume, are your neighbors. So I’m guessing you went somewhere near Pinatubo? Wherever it is, it looks lovely. πŸ˜€

    • we are here in bataan. zambales is our provincial neighbor but you will notice that the aetas from our place specifically are very prideful, hindi sila namamalimos unlike the ones in the city.

  3. wow! talagang lalabs ka ng mga estudyante mo.. it’s an opportunity to share what’s inside your grey matter. awoooo!!! go PM!!! weee!!!

    PS. ang cute ng pineapple. hakhak.

    • ang hirap nga magshare kapag kailangam mo pang lagyan yung grey matter bago ka makapagturo di tulad dati na alam ko na kailangan ko na lang ishare!

  4. at least your sudden burst of things wasn’t a stroke or the inner workings of your toilet.
    i love quiet places. it looks so beautiful there. I *love* pineapples, (mangoes not as much) and papayas and bananas. and quiet because my head is noisy.
    organic and inorganic chemistry sounds fun. let’s see… i’m made of carbon and water, so i’m onviously organic.
    so what’s inorganic chemistry? the study of rocks? toothbrushes?
    ohhh! i remember. inorganic chemistry is watching television!

    • i think we will make great eating buddies. you can eat all the pineapples as long as i cane at all the mangoes. is that inorganic chemistry? i thought that was analytic chemistry!

    • ang mga estudyante ko ay sinasabihan ko na first day pa lang na ayus lang sakin kahit wag na sial pumasok ang kaso eh pasok naman ngpasok. ang estudyante talaga ay hindi maintindihan.

  5. wow! welcome back nga mam PM!

    you’re attitude is so great! counting our blessings is such a great thing to do isn’t it, because you’ll realize how blessed you are. keep it up! πŸ™‚

    • i find that i have the best attitude towards these things alone at pagdating sa iba eh attitude problem na lang ako LOL

  6. A new teaching job? – swell ! go for it πŸ™‚

    The Pinas country side setting is really beautiful – so natural and fresh…hmm.. makes me feel a bit nostalgic πŸ˜‰

    • oo bago sa ibang college din. sa totoong buhay lang mas maganda yung infrastructure nila ng milya milya kumpara sa dati ko kaso lang medyo malayo sa sibilisasyon kasi nasa highway eh.

  7. Love the place… Lucky ka talaga ate. Wanted to do that also kaya lang sa Olongapo ko lang nagagawa yan… Miss ko tuloy lalo ang Gapo at ang pagkain sa dahon ng saging!


  8. wadahel!!!

    welcome back princess M!!!

    pwede bang magpaampon [yak, bakit ba pumasok sa isipan ko yun?]???


    bored na bored kasi ako dito… buti nakakagala ka :((

    gusto kong gumala…

    well, actually magsisimula na akong magliwaliw next week… kahit may pasok ako haha, bahala siya sa buhay niya[yung professor ko] πŸ˜›

    again, WELCOME BACK PM!!! [with confetti eklavoo, cheness pang banner…if ever… haha]

    • hay nako P ikaw lang naman eh mamasyal ka na kasi dito madali lang naman pumunta eh at salamat sa confetti, sana blue at red amg kulay para maganda LOL

  9. ayun at palagay ko e nabusog naman kayo dahil sa dami ba naman ng pagkain sa dahon kasama pa ang mga prutas…bundat ang inabot nyo palagay ko, waaaaaa

  10. Sabi nga di ba, “be careful what you wish for”. In that case, we must be oozing with positivity para good results. =)

    Wow, nakakainggit naman puro fresh fruits at sariwang hangin!

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