I have so many things running on my head. No, make that, so many things screeching, crawling, blending and cycling on my head, so much that they make me loose sleep.

The funny thing is they are so random that I cannot really say that I am thinking about them. I find that my thoughts are just in shambles now, like sodium that reacts violently with water. Great. Now I sound like a chemistry teacher.

Here’s what I think I am thinking:

1. How impossible it is that I cannot fall asleep early but does wake up impossibly early, and getting roused at that by the most minute sound in all the times in between the two.

2. When I was in college, I thought that the smaller the class size the better learning there will be, but now that I only have two students in one subject and seven in the other two makes me doubt that theory. I think it is corny, if ever there exists such a case. I am just thankful that the last class I have has 28 students – all grown up males, majority of which are way older than I am.

3. Why is it that I have to wait for 5:30 PM before I am free to go out of school even if I finish my class early?

4. How do you compute for the molarity of solutions? Molality? Normality?

5. Me teaching chemistry is quite a battle.

But umtimately, “this is Sparta!”

26 thoughts on “Awake

  1. Well, I teach one-on-one and it has been going well. Two students? Maybe a bit difficult because one will always be better than the other. The ideal teacher-student ratio is 1:30, and for younger students 1:15. I am a product of public schools with 80 or heads per class so I totally appreciate fewer students. Let’s see if I change my mind once I get to that clasroom teaching part.

    Molarity? Yikes! I never learned how to do that. I cheated my way out of junior year chemistry.

    • i am a product of public school, at least with my primary education. it’s just that sometimes, a small class bores me LOL selfish teacher.

  2. hmmmm… “random thoughts”.. it could be a blog title by itself 🙂

    On wanting a good night’s sleep – try exercising a few hours before you go to bed. A glass of milk also helps 😉

  3. Get a massage, so you could relax and sleep. I almost always sleep when I get a massage. 😉

    Eek! I am poor at Chemistry. I didn’t know how I passed. Ha ha!

    • sabi nga ni mother goose magpa massage daw ako. when i was in college, i was good at chemistry. but of course, studying and teaching it are different things.

  4. naalala ko tuloy yung teacher ko ngayong summer class…

    maikwento nga… hahaha

    may checker ba sa iyong pinagttrabahuhan?.. baka kaya ganun… 😛

  5. you work too hard.
    maybe you’d sleep better on an empty stomach.
    meditation works too.
    think about something other than school. think of whatever your cat thinks about, because your cat sleeps more than you do.

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