I have read a very interesting article in Reader’s Digest Asia about the wonders and learning saying hello could bring. One that I found most interesting was the point about how you always smile when you say hello, like hello and a smile comes a la fast food combo. I tried to say hello and yes, I was smiling. Of course I had to try it to prove the point.

What Mother Goose noticed in the article was this point however about how people these days tend to only talk to other people when they need something. She complained that it was awful, and I thought, what is so awful with being task-oriented? LOL

I think those are the same words that characterize society these days – task-oriented, and because it is task-oriented, people tend to undermine close, personal relationships – and that people is the reason why they are so many broken homes, broken relationships, even broken people, and broken vases in the world today.

Back to saying hello , I have always thought that cats have the most interesting way of saying hello, aside from the fact that they are the most narcissistic and autistic animals in the planet. As for my cat, Jin does not meow much, so seldom that Don Domeng thought he was mute.

However, I found this cat saying hello video for you so that you could see what I mean. Of course the cat in the video is not Jin. Jin is smaller, and not mute.

26 thoughts on “Hell-o

  1. how true. People have been so preoccupied by the daily grind that they forget to smile and say hello.

    Last night as I was heading for the train station, I saw a Pinay coming my way and she smiled at me as if saying Hi Kabayan – kumusta ? It was a genuine smile and I thought it was really cool πŸ™‚

  2. I’m kind of task-oriented. I hope I don’t break.

    I remember somewhere I read this:

    GANDA– ang tawag mo sa kapwa girlash pag may kailangan ka.


    I say hello many times a day, and I say it with a smile. One of the lessons I learned in Jollibee is that when you smile while talking on the phone, the pleasantness will be evident in your voice.

    • LOL totoo nga yung about sa pagtawag ng ganda. sa tingin ko totoo nga din yung alam mo ang emotion ng kausap mo sa phone. makapangyarihan talaga ang ngiti. naks!

  3. aww. pm, the video won’t load for me. stupid buggy computer.
    but you’re right, everyone is too busy to form the kind of relationships we all want.
    meaning is compressed to whatever minimum gesture we can muster to stay acceptably connected.
    but we can try: please accept a warm cyber-hug from me.

    • it’s because humans are cowards. LOL. thanks for the hug seraphine. i do hope you are feeling better now.

  4. WHAT is that cat doing?
    Is that a hello? πŸ˜›

    Anyway, I need to check if I smile after I say hello.
    Actually, I don’t even say hello, I normally greet people with the equivalent of “Sup'” or “Yo” or some other similar interjection πŸ™‚

    It’s funny.

    Isn’t it obvious that we only walk to people when we need?
    I talk to people when I need to talk. Sometimes I only need to have a nice chat so I go and find someone to talk. Is that wrong? πŸ™‚

    • the cat is speaking and saying “bring me to your leader!” LOL i don’t think anything is wrong with being task-oriented. it takes less drama, especially in the workplace.

  5. My dead Ginger was the most snubbish creature in Feline world. The only thing he does was when he follows you in the kitchen asking “feed me now, would you”? He doesn’t meow and felt like I was never feel welcome at all in my own house. Isn’t that awful?

    My neigh’s are bunch of invincible. They never returned a glance or a nod whenever I ride with them at the tiny elevs. I sometimes think that being rude is equivalent of being mean even if you’re not saying anything against the person. But then, I remembered that silence is sometimes the best answer.

    To hell(o) with these kind of people. πŸ˜‰

    • of course that’s what ginger does. it’s a cat thing. as for your neighbors, maybe that’s what neighbors do LOL

  6. I’m fond of saying hi and hello. Even if I just write ‘hello’, it makes me cheerful, too. On the other hand, I can be very snobbish, too. Lol. Case to case basis. =)

    • i like the idea of smiling when i say hello LOL i guess everything is on a case to case basis in this world.

  7. sa ibang bansa talaga kahit hindi ka kilala magi-smile sila sa yo or magna-nod ng head nila, sign of respect. tama ka dito sa atin pagdududahan ka kaya many prefer not to smile na lang. madalas nga nakakasalubong ko nakasimangot.

    • LOL i think kindness of strangers is so rare it is disarming and keeps us on-guard. siguro ganun talaga ang mga pinoy. mahilig kasio tayo mamersonal eh LOL

  8. I too always smile when I say hello, but it’s more common here to say “hi” and there is all kinds of ways, from the grunt hi to glad to see you hiiiiiiiiiii!

    I watched that cat video and my cats were looking all around! I never have seen or heard any cat do that before!

  9. i am not a big fan of small talk
    feeling ko kasi cliche
    pero alam mo
    it does brighten up your day
    sa amerika, may makasalubong ka lang sa kalye
    mag hello na sya sayo
    tipong magstrike up ng conversation
    dito satin
    makasalubong mo sa kalye, hold up na

    have a great week ahead, musang!
    be safe

    • mas lalo ako asperger’s ako eh. oo nga i’ve heard about that kahit sa korea din palabati sila. sa RP oo tama hold up nga LOL tsaka dito satin suspicious ang tingin pag binati ka ng strangers!

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