Feeling Good

Ma’am PM has finally found peace in teaching chemistry, and honestly I can really say that I am enjoying it a lot these days – Zen mode welcome me back! Want me to teach you to express concentrations of solutions and to compute for their colligative properties? Bring it. LOL.

I just finished computing the prelim grades of my students yesterday and fortunately out of 29 testosterone-filled students, around 22 made the initial cut. As for those who missed the mark, I conducted a remedial class of some sort later this afternoon, though they would not be able to take back their prelim inputs, at least they will get another chance of learning what they screwed up before, which was more important than some grade of course.

After reteaching and conducting our official class, just as I was about to leave the college, one of my students ran after me, one who needed the reteaching, and said, “Salamat po [Thank you].”

I was tired and hungry but the smile on my face was immeasurable.


Today also marks the 25th wedding anniversary of Don Domeng and Mother Goose. Wooohoooo!

We celebrated with the whole family, had a good lunch, went to do a little spin on the mall, and caught a good movie. Though I was only with them during the lunch because I had to go to work, I can say that it was fun. Congratulations to my parents and thank you for giving me the chance to be a part of your love for each other and for the whole family!

When today was still approaching, I was teasing them that sure it has been 25 years and it was amazing how they have put up with each other all this time. I teased them about fooling each other all this time. LOL.

I am the first born in the family so I kind of witnessed how they both morphed from lovers to partners and occasional wrestling opponents. LOL. Looking back, to be able to witness their growth as a couple makes me feel very proud of them, of how they stood by each other’s side all this time, and how much they valued, respected, and protected not only our family but their love for each other. Modesty aside, here in our place people look up to our family as being the ‘most ideal’ type. I believe some do envy us because of the kind of family that Don Domeng and Mother Goose put up. I am very proud of my parents, of how wonderful parents they are, of how wonderful lovers they are, and of how wonderful friends they are.

When we were having lunch this noon, I asked them how long were they together before deciding to commit suicide – I mean getting married, and they told me they were together for seven years before taking the plunge. Hmmm… my Man and I are on our sixth year together but… nah. LOL.


27 thoughts on “Feeling Good

  1. congrats to our mom and dad’s 25th wedding anniv. So nice that they’re enjoying the bliss of their wonderful marriage 🙂

    Hey, good to know that you are at home with teaching chemistry. You’re vey considerate to your students it seems. Siguro ako pag naging teacher terror ako lalo na sa mga tamad hehe 🙂

  2. It always feels great when students show appreciation for your efforts. It’s an even greater feeling when you start to see the tiny bits of improvement on them. Yay to teachers!

    Happy anniversary to your folks! Seven years, whew! I think Ferdie and I will take longer. For you and the Man, we’ll be waiting!

  3. very often, the students remember more their teacher’s flaw than the learning they get. and only a few come to say and show even a little gesture of gratitude. however, to the teachers, that already means a lot.

    chemistry?yayyy!kamote ako dyan!:)

    how are yah musang?been awhile..

    • i think they would remember how menopausal-like i was LOL ayos lang ako ikaw busy ka yata? naktia mo na yung award ko para sayo?

    • yes it definitely can make a day brighter. kahit sino pa ang may sabi, kilala mo man o hindi pag nagthank you nakakatuwa LOL ang pinakamasarap magthank you mga doctor LOL

  4. go teacher! go teacher!


    at happy anniversary kay mang domeng at mother goose! hm, may chemistry nga ang mga parents mo! hehe.

  5. Silly of me.

    All along you always mentioned them in your posts but didn’t really knew (Don Domeng and Mother Goose) theye were your parents until today.

    Happy 25th Anniversary!

  6. wow, chemistry… i never did get the hang of that subject kahit gaano pa kabait yung teacher ko nun hehe. i must be dyslexic with all those formulas and chemical reactions and all 😀

    happy anniversary to your parents! you are definitely blessed with the family you have. here’s to more years together! cheers! =)

    • medyo mahirap nga siya talaga kasi special form of math parang ganun. salamat po, oo nga swerte nga talaga ako.

  7. Chemistry…….Hmm….
    Oh, sorry. I was reminiscing. LOL just kidding.
    I must say that me and Chemistry are not the best of friends. Yes, we understand each other but moving to the next level… I think that’s pretty hard. Oh well, at least we understand each other. ^_^

    Congratulations Tita and Tito!
    Happy 25th anniversary!
    Omedetto Gozaimasu!!!

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