Un-Wisdom My Tooth

Swollen gum? Check.

Pain? Check.

Failure to eat and open mouth? Check.

Fever? Check.

Swollen cheek? Check.

Difficulty in speaking? Check.

Wisdom? No. No check.

I do not really see any wisdom in this sudden eruption of my wisdom tooth, violently making its way up to rupture my gum from the forgotten depths of the underworld. I do not see any wisdom at all… only a lot of painkiller caplets.

Did I mention that I hate going to the excavationists popularly known as dentists?

Does anybody know where I can contact the Tooth Fairy?

46 thoughts on “Un-Wisdom My Tooth

  1. naranasan ko 1 wk akong nag dusa, ni halos di ko na maibuka ung jaw ko….(kala ko nga natetano nako eh heheheh)….di pako makakain ng maayos,.. ni yung gamot na antibiotic ayaw mapasok sa bibig ko…nahaharangan kz ng ngipin…kaya un liquid lng talaga ako pag kumakain, daig ko pa yung nag diet. di pako makalunok ng maayos namamaga rin yung lalamunan ko..pag lumunok ka pa yung tenga mo kumikirot na rin…grabe di tlaga ako makatulog…buti nalang may balde akong maliit pag natutulog ako, nilalabas ko nlng laway ko, kz pag naipon sa bibig, piling ko sumasakit ulit gums ko…ganda na rin ng mukha ko..hindi na pantay. daig ko pa yung sinuntok ni manny pakyaw..eto sa kasamaang palad, may patubo na naman… haha.. mukhang 1 wk na pagdurusa na naman to.- ano ba yan…sana nakatulong naman yung wisdom tooth ko nung nag exam ako sa allied bank..sana pasado ako..at matawagan na…

  2. I have problems with my wisdom teeth too…but I go to the dentist every once in a while. You should do that too, I know it’s unpleasant but your health is the most important.

    • i don’t know what it is with dentist parents but what everyone does is the same as your dad: pulling and sculpting their kids teeth everyday!

  3. lols. excavationists=dentists. hakhak.
    ukey lang yan. parte yan ng pagisging tao.
    hakhak. mawawala din yang sakit. hihihi.
    pagaling ka prinsesa M. =)

  4. i guess it’s called wisdom tooth only because old ppl has wisdom and the tooth comes out when you age. so i conclude you’re not getting any younger πŸ˜› they say that fact hurts so instead of calling it and old-man’s-tooth, they prefer wisdom hahalols. ok i invented the latter, be well soon πŸ˜€

    • it doesn’t really matter what they call it. i love aging. it is not only about piling years but growth too so i have no issues with it. thank you. i am feeling better now than before.

  5. Ah, wisdom.
    Got two in my mouth yet. Don’t know if I’ll leave them there or if I’m going to take’em off.
    For now it’s not bothering me so I guess I’ll just leave them.
    And I didn’t suffer while it was growing…unless I’m making a confusion with which tooth is which.

    • LOL that is a fun take on it. maybe i just got confused if my wisdom tooth was an alien infestation on my mouth LOL

  6. Oh, wisdom is growing on you, hahaha… Have fun with the new tooth… um, by the way, the tooth fairy says wisdom teeth deserve better cash equals…hehhee, an ice cream would be good for that tooth…

    • i think i found that cash somewhere kaso i spent it na yesterday LOL ice cream sounds like a good idea. i’m not sure about the wisdom sheng because i only see painkillers this time LOL

  7. isang linggo lang naman ang titiisin mo..

    sabi ng dentista ko, wala namang pakinabang ang wisdom tooth…

    btw, isa na lang ang ganun ko,.. ngayun-ngayon ko lang nalaman… hahaha…sabi niya, nabunot na daw nung mga elementary days ko yung tatlo… hehehe…

    hindi kaya yun ang dahilan ng unti-unti kong pagkabobo?? hahaha…

    siguro, after niyan no, tatalino ka ng lalo… HAHAHA!!

  8. I am proud anything I have except for me teeth – not a Close-Up material. When I was child the tooth fairy was upset I could chew anything sweet from the stick.

    Have it removed. Sitting on a dental chair having your teeth cleaned by a miracle hands known to as dentists helps me put to sleep. I’d rather have my gum pricked with a sharp-tooh needle than doing an enema procedure to an ailing patient lying on a bed pan, hahaha.

  9. awww. i’m sorry. i had two of mine taken out at once, and i got a dry socket. that means a little blood clot didn’t form where the tooth was, and a nerve was exposed to air. i thought my jaw was broken, it hurt so much.

  10. ang tanda mo na naniniwala ka pa sa tooth fairy. gumaya ka sakin. sure I cried pero you steel yourself and you move on. ganon nangyari sakin LAST YEAR when I found out she and santa are fictional

    • i can’t pull it out kasi nga nasa depths pa ng underworld ang tooth ko. nako ang cute siguro nga anak mo. i don’t remember na nagkatime na naging bungal ako nung bata pa ko LOL

  11. ako din nung tinubuan ng wisdom tooth eh ang sakit sakit talaga… lahat din ng pain check… ayun pinaalis ko na lang sa dentist (minor operation sakin pero okay lang naman) kase wala na din sya space eh… hehehe

    • cindyrella you are not helping T_T i am in pain here! LOL thank you but i think wisdom tooth usually take time to torture – i mean erupt?

  12. Gawd, I remember those painful days caused by blossoming wisdom teeth. College days, just in time pa sa midterms. Super sakit talaga. I hope you’d feel well soon. Hugs for you.

  13. na-bankcrupt na si tooth fairy. tapos pustiso na ipin nya. kaya save mo na lang. kailangan mo yan pagtanda mo.

  14. Hey, I got one just recently. However, it was not as bad as yours—I just felt a little discomfort and when Ferdie looked into my mouth he happily announced “Wow, may wisdom na ang mahal ko!”

    Get well. Dolfenal works well with toothaches.

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