The Battle of Boiled Egg and Instant Noodles

If you have been coming here for quite some time, you might’ve very well known by now that I do not know how to cook I am still trying to figure out how to cook. So far I’ve managed to cook boiled eggs and instant noodles – and yes that qualifies as cooking because you cook it on top of a fire stove. In general, it is easy to cook. What is hard is to cook something even household cats won’t puke.

There are only two things I know for sure will be true for the rest of my life: one, fried squid is best store bought, and two, the best tasting meals in the world has got to be from Mother Goose’s kitchen – and I will never ever be able to match that in this life, or even in my next three reincarnations, unlike my sister Ched who has gotten the skills and secret ingredient’s list from Mother Goose since Day 1.

Today is Mother’s Day. I like Mother’s Day because I have always been amazed by mothers, of how selfless they seem to be. I can’t be a mother – at least not yet, because I know I am selfish to the bone, unlike my Mother Goose who had totally forgotten about herself, either she got early Alzheimer onset or she just loved her family so much she was giving till it hurts.

That’s why Mother Goose is a people person. Everywhere she went people loved her. She was not really an attention-getter – she is but a simple person, but she is very smart and thoughtful – that’s why people tend to gravitate towards her, unlike all her children who grew up to develop Asperger-like symptoms. I think the best thing these people find in Mother Goose was that she was very generous, not only in material things but with her time. When you talk to her or is with her, it is as if you are the most important person in the world; that’s how she would make you feel so you would like her a lot right off the bat.

The best lesson I ever learned from her is about responsibility and accountability. She was a good leader trainer, toughens you up real well. To be honest, it was so effective I tend to always stand up on my own. That’s why she would always advice me about the fact that ‘no man is an island’. She was always criticizing me for being a lone Musang wolf, but don’t get me wrong, I do understand the importance of close relationships. In fact, I understand it so much I am very careful with them, choosing meticulously who enters my striped bubble for I’d rather have two good people with me than 10 with eight of those rotten ones.

That’s why I am an extreme person, very Asperger’s – with strangers, even with acquaintances I get really agitated but with the people I love, I would like to think I am affectionate. We all got our strong sense of family from Mother Goose. The fact that family is the most important thing in the world – not money, not work, not even other people – she has long instilled in us. It was one thing that this generation lacks so a lot end up being unhappy, but not us, because of Mother Goose.

Growing up with Mother Goose is like having a love-hate relationship, especially these days when I have developed my own views of the world as a young adult. The worst part about it is that she is almost always right and I am almost always wrong. But I win, sometimes. It’s just that her beliefs are based on kindness and a genuine trust in the goodness of people and mine are anchored on strong task-oriented mantras and upright personal detachments.

I guess that’s why Mother Goose is well-loved everywhere she goes: she puts premium on people, on personal relationships and compassion. It is because of a principle she and her siblings follow – something I would also like to follow, maybe when a time comes in my life when I am a little less intense –  the most valuable virtue in my Mother Goose’s side of the family is to ‘give until it hurts’ and ‘don’t break the chain of kindness’ principles.

On this Mother’s Day, I only have a simple wish for my Mother Goose, and for all the Mother’s in the world. I wish that all their efforts be appreciated by all the people around them, especially by their children, who usually take them for granted because of their own preoccupation with their lives, for which I strongly apologize for. I wish that all of the hard work and patience mothers put in dating back from building a family, from the pains of conception and child-rearing, and practically from every little routine household chore they do everyday, be remembered as labors of love and sacrifice, that they really did not have to do, but chose to and continues to choose to do all for the love of us.

Mothers. They give everything and only ask that we make something good out of our lives in return. I think it is the best deal man has ever made.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

35 thoughts on “The Battle of Boiled Egg and Instant Noodles

  1. Love this article. I’m sure na pinataba mo ng husto ang puso ni “Mother Goose”. I am happy to see na your mather’s efforts and good example has instilled in you and your siblings the virtue especially of compassion for others who are less fortunate than us. Just remember: “What you are,is God’s gift to you; What you make of yourself is your gift to God”. Love you lots.

    • nakaframe po ito sa bahay namin LOL at meron din po si mommy. that is a lovely reminder, salamat po. love you more.

  2. “…I wish that all their efforts be appreciated by all the people around them, especially by their children, who usually take them for granted because of their own preoccupation with their lives…”

    natamaan naman ako dun…

    kaya nga mahal na mahal ko rin ang mama ko… Mother’s day saken everyday[echos]. Hindi lang halata 😀 kasi niaaway ko minsan si inang mahal. LOL

    • normal naman siguro yun diba? love-hate relationship talaga pag nanay at anak. may nabasa nga ako eh kaya daw magkasundo talaga ang grandparents at mga apo eh dahil may common enemy sila LOL

        • LOL ako wala akong grandparents kasi nasa langit na lahat eh bata pa lang ako yung iba andun na before pa ko ipanganak.

  3. have u ever wondered that maybe the reason why you’re a confused cat is because…maybe…just maybe…you got the wrong…ahh…goose for a mother. maybe the book “are you my mother”bt p.d. eastman might help

  4. Gawd, we’ll click together because I hardly know how to coo, too! I love to eat but I don’t want to cook. Heehee.

  5. I think the easiest way to cook an egg over an instant noodle is just drop them fresh rather than boiling the eggs. See, ang galing ko?

    Happy (late) Mother’s Day to Mommy Goose.

  6. at least not yet, because I know I am selfish to the bone, unlike my Mother Goose who had totally forgotten about herself…

    ganyan naman talaga ang mga nanay di ba, kahit nakakalimutan na nila ang mga sarili nila basta maialay lang nila sa kapwa ang kanilang srili lalo na kung sa mga anak nila…

    happy mother’s day sa mama mo…

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