Old Rotting Tomato

I was tempted to title this post ‘look younger in seven days’ but I found it too annoying to do so.

Just moments ago, I was chatting with my student in Chemistry 214. We did not have a class but he decided to come by and we ended up talking about so much about his life, his studies, his lovelife, and finally, him being my student. Apparently, my student has stayed in the college for eight years on the same engineering course he was taking up since Day 1. He was now 27 years old. I am 21.

He told me that sometimes, he and his classmates talk about how awkward it was that I am their teacher, which translates to, how akward it was that their teacher was either the same age as they were or worse, muchΒ  younger than them.

I had to laugh a good hearty laugh, not to undermine their trouble, but because sometimes I end up thinking the same thing – how almost ‘inappropriate’ it was to look at that I, their teacher, looked more like their younger sister. But my student said my ‘Musang mode’ takes them out of it. I told him that there was a need for me to be authoritative (Musang mode) because of the same thing – that if I would be soft on them, definitely our classroom would be in chaos because of our’ age similarity’. I was starting to think I was redefining life inside college because instead of the usual age gap complaint of students against their instructor, mine were having issues because of our similarity.

However, through all this, what I like about myself was the fact that I am very comfortable in my place in the world at my age, and to be honest, I really have no issues at all about being too young or being too old for anything I do. It’s just that I am happy as to where I am now and I have no regrets whatsoever looking back. In fact, you might be surprised, but I can think about aging and be very happy about it.

It might’ve been because of my Asperger’s personality, but ever since, I reveled in the presence of older people, and the ones I admire most were also older people. I found that when you are older, you are wiser and more experienced, plus you get to do things that you want to do, as opposed to being young where you are always told what to do, where you are always insecure about things, or worst, always getting into trouble because of being too immature, too insensitive and too naive. If you ask me, if being an adult is overrated then being young is just over the top overrated.

Don’t get me wrong though, all I’m saying is that people often mistake aging as being nothing more than an old rotting tomato or potato or whatever vegetable you can think of that rots. But, no matter how the commercial industry makes it appear to be that way, aging of course is more than that, because it comes with wisdom and experience, that you can never buy in a bottle anywhere in the world.

At 21, I am not very young nor am I very old. What is important to me now is that I know I am a sure and secured person, loving and knowing everything it is about me, what I can do, and what I will eventually become.

In retrospect, I think what my students are worried about is not really about my age, but about the fact that it is embarassing to fail in front of a ‘girl’ that is everything like their peers… well maybe only a tad smarter.

24 thoughts on “Old Rotting Tomato

  1. there was a stage in my working career when I wished I was a lot older if only to gain respect. I was a bit worried that my people wouldn’t listen to me πŸ™‚ It was really an unfounded fear or insecurity because I didn’t know how to use the authority given to me πŸ˜‰

    Meron did time I wished I was older, esp if I had a crush on a girl older than me πŸ™‚

    • i never wished i was younger LOL ako nasanay na ko na bata ako para sa mga bagay na ginagawa ko either academically or at work and i am proud of it.

  2. when i was younger, i really want to grow old. now at 26, i am not so eager to be old anymore. and there’s this feeling that though i was immature and foolish in my younger years, i kinda miss those carefree years. but i cannot be that now. im not getting any younger. hehe.

  3. Being mature is what matters.
    Age gap is a problem if there’s an immature person in the relation, otherwise it won’t (at least I believe it shouldn’t) be.

    Maturity, fortunately or unfortunately, is not connected to age, as we all know. Maturity is bound to how we grew, our experiences and how we coped with.

    Good to know that you’re satisfied with your current self, mentally and physically. Hope you keep it up that way and may you be able to lead your life as you wish. πŸ™‚

    • i agree but i think aging comes with it. in the long run, eventually you will mature as the years go by because of all the experiences and that’s what i like about it.

  4. C’mon you’re still young.

    I agree on carver, I’m older but I don’t act like one (doesn’t mean I am immature) but sometimes I don’t get it when I see younger people acting like an old brat. You’re a smart 21 yr old so enjoy your age.

    Ay ewan, when we were younger, we want to grow up be an adult. Pag tumanda na tayo, we want to look or act younger, ang gulo.

    • yes i kind of thought about that but the point is usually all the angst and drama come in the younger years. that’s what i don’t like.

      i think those who have a confusion with their current age and what age they want to be are those who have regrets.

      glad i’m happy where i am so no regrets really.

  5. This days I think teachers and professors are now at the same age or even younger than the students… Which is sometimes great because you can relate more to them…

    Being wise and having more experience as you age also depends on how you lived your life… If you have atleast utilized that then you will become more wiser and will have a different outlook in life…

    Age is just a number that most of us are afraid of, its our timer to do what we want to do and be who we want to be… Choose your path early and do it with no regrets…

    • i agree with you. for me, what i give my students is an understanding of their situation, that’s my teaching style – anchored on the needs and type of my learners.

      i guess so. there are so many old brats out there LOL i think i am included in them sometimes.

      i think people are afraid of aging because they do not understand it or they have regrets, just like you said.

  6. I think that maturity can come at any age. Some people grow old without maturing and some who are very younger have gained maturity and wisdom.

    Thanks for your visits to my blog. I haven’t seen a Narra tree but I googled and it looks very beautiful. I don’t think we have them in the U.S. where I am from and live.

    • i think so too but all the drama tend to disappear when you are older so i like that. i love the narra trees. i walk on the street just to have them falling at me!

    • LOL alam ko naman na bata pa ko at maswerteng bata at that dahil hindi ko naexperience maging unemployed LOL

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