Mental Orgasm

I remember the first time I used the word ‘mental orgasm’: it was for the disclaimer in our college literary folio, with ‘mental orgasm’ referring to the creative literary and art works of the authors and artists who had the privilege to be included in the folio.

I would like to think that creativity is a form of mental orgasm. You can furnish the details by yourself – I don’t like to be graphic about it. LOL.

Inspired by the contagious excitement of kg about the May/June Creative Swap, I decided to join myself in search of a new blogging adventure.

In line with me participating, this post is a shout out to whoever the cosmos will choose (or whoever caryn assigns to me, LOL) as my creative swap partner (whoever you are, I already like you because we have something in common: we are both latecomers).

Q: What kind of creative things are you into?

PM:I would like to think I am into creative things. LOL. Let me see. I like scrap booking, embellishing and recycling, reading and writing prose, photography and lay-outing, and shirt printing.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

PM: I am very much laid-back, minimalistic, and in my dreams I think I am stylish. LOL.

Q: What are your favorite colors?

PM: I like white, orange, pink, and yellow.

Q: What is one craft you would like to learn?

PM: Carpentry? LOL. I would like to learn the ones that require patience like paper crafts or cross-stitching but that is never going to happen. LOL. I would want to paint, but that is also never going to happen. LOL. Or maybe it can, abstract painting. LOL. And baking!

Q: What other hobbies are you into?

PM: I take care of my fat cat, Jin, and read a lot of boring things. LOL. On my free time, which hardly comes, I watch Nat. Geo and Japanese manga with my sisters. I do not like to move a lot. LOL. I am a stay at home person, very laid-back.

Q: What items do you really wish you had right now?

PM: A new laptop? LOL. Let me see. Maybe tons of shirt printing stuff and loads of photo paper that is self-adhesive. LOL.

I am pretty excited about this because I really enjoy giving stuff away. LOL. I wish I would not accidentally send Jin by courier to my creative swap partner. LOL.

BTW, laugh with us here.

26 thoughts on “Mental Orgasm

  1. Mukhang matindi ang dating ng orgasm pag ginamit kahit kapares ng ibang word ano? Para bang may kasamang fireworks hehehe 🙂

    • i have not tried actual t-shirt printing but i am really getting all hyped up about it lately, and the cat is a he, plus if i am going to paint my cat, it would be blue to match his eyes. LOL

      • i added one. but that’s my main gift. you’ll know about it soon from one of my posts! exciting ano! sali ka uli sa next round ha!

        • ako din meron na eh pero meron pang kulang next week pa darating eh LOL oo exciting nga syempre sali ulit ako sa next round baka sana tayo na magpartner nun.

  2. ui mukhang interesting.. hakhak!
    gusto ko din ng shirt printing. weee!
    wala lang. good luck jan sa CS!
    squeeze your ang brain juices. heeee 🙂

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