Super-de-dooper Glue

I just saw a very interesting article posted on Yahoo Tech about how photos uploaded on the internet do not get deleted even after the user who put it there has it removed.

I was not actually surprised by this, after all who has not experienced clicking on a thumbnail on image searches only to be told that the image has been removed or deleted? But still, obviously the thumbnail exists and the URL of that photo intact.  The post on yahoo tech said it has something to do about the storage system of large server providers, that even when you have a photo deleted, ghost copies remain that may linger for an indefinite period of time.

Though this news was not surprising, the magnitude of what it can do can be scary. Amidst all the ‘scandal talks’ hovering in the air, knowing this kind of information is a must to be able to protect one’s privacy now or in the future. When it comes to personal, sensitive, or controversial matters, caution and sound judgement cannot be overruled.

As for me, well, I am not ‘allowed’ to post my photos on the internet, even on my own social networking site profile. LOL. My man strongly goes against it, being the computer know-it-all that he is, I think he knew about this kind of un-deleted thing all along.

Of course, aside from the privacy issue, I know it also has something to do with his ‘personal, for security motives’. I don’t mind though, in fact I think I find it cute. LOL.

24 thoughts on “Super-de-dooper Glue

  1. I need this lecture, my face is all over the internet. It had gotten to the point when someone was actually able to follow me to a certain bookstore I frequent. I was freaked out and I have been extra careful since.

  2. I don’t mind posting photos of myself in the internet for as long as it is not my nekkid pics on the sofa, haha! But I do agree that the most polluted place on earth is the internet. Can you imagine how many words, files, photos, music, etc stored in a database? It’s crazy, isn’t it?

    • LOL that is so true K. pictures of you nekkid on the sofa could be dangerous LOL i agree, and the problem with the internet is that there are no clear rules that govern it so…

  3. I read about this article earlier. This is true. Last year I’ve deleted some photos in my Flickr (for public consumption though, food pics) and well, they’re still showing in my old posts (URL/HTML linked). I’m very careful in uploading photos, too. We need to maintain a certain level of anonymity.

    • pero sabi din dun mas mabilis magdelete sa mga photo blogs like flickr? ewan ko ba. i agree with the anonymity thing. alam mo isa yan sa mga gusto ko sa blogoshpere eh, since most people are faceless we tend to treat everyone as equals.

  4. Really? Good info. Last time lang nabasa ko yung Yahoo Briefcase na kelangan i-backup since idedelete daw yung mga inactive, yun pala they will still save a copy kahit dinelete na yun by choice.

  5. Well, the internet is a dangerous place.
    I hope there are no pictures of me out there 😦
    At least I never uploaded one but that does not mean that there isn’t…unfortunately.

    Anyway, not only pictures don’t get deleted when we ask to, any information we give may stay stored for god knows how long. Birthday, CC number, real name, address, etc.

    It’s hard to provide such info on the internet but sometimes it’s inevitable, unfortunately (again).

    • yes i agree, the thing with personal info. is more dangerous because it can always be used to do things wihthout your knowledge right?

  6. i’ve heard that too, that everything on the internet is there somewhere, ghosted, tucked away into grandma’s attic.
    and sound too, it travels into space and goes billions of miles (the earth might even be gone by the time some distant civilization hears us). we are a very noisy planet.
    we’re not as private/hidden as we think we are.

  7. you forgot about your reflection in the glass. you posted it here. anyway. your man’s seloso. that’s always a good sign. That’s how my wife describes me.

    • i don’t think it is possible to distinguish me from that reflection so that doesn’t count LOL. i think he is the jealous type but i don’t mind at all, as i’ve said i find it cute.

  8. matakot sila sa picture ko!

    hahaha. parang sa computers din yan. pag dinelete mo sa computer mo, kahit sa recycle bin, kaya pa rin irestore yan.

    kahit sa cellphone.

    anyways… ayun lang…


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