The Princess and The Pauper

PM's social networksite photo

PM's social network site photo

Although I am very much a child from darkness, I do have my moments. A couple of days ago, I joined the mad rush of people going to malls and book stores to buy school supplies for the opening of the coming school year. I was buying for my inaanak sa binyag. I do not know how you translate that in English. LOL

PM’s salary at the college as part-time chemistry teacher is not much. In fact, it is so not much that PM’s allowance from Don Domeng is bigger than her weekly salary given by the college. However, the point is, no matter how meager it was, PM was able to do good and share it to the needy.

The things is, my inaanak is the daughter of a worker on Don Domeng’s beach resort, who of course did not have much. It really felt good to know I have helped in my tinsy-tiny way, and I pray that my inaanak would be inspired to take her studies seriously because of the presence of people trying to support her.

Now I wonder why so many wealthy people are not moved to help the people around them who are obviously having a hard time? I am very sure helping them does not cost very much, especially when you are well-off. Me being able to give with the embarrassingly small salary I got, I am saddened by the lack of compassion and selfishness I see around me.

Now if only I am filthy rich. Sigh.

21 thoughts on “The Princess and The Pauper

  1. I also wish I’m filthy rich so that I won’t have to work. I just want to do volunteer work. I read an article saying that there are over ten million millionaires in the world. If each of these millionaires would give just a dollar a month that money can go a long way and can fund projects with long-term results. And really, we don’t have millionaires to give a dollar a month. We can all help in the way we can, and I’m very happy see you doing your part. Your inaanak will be very grateful, and I’m sure the feeling of being able to help puts a smile on your face.

    I also sponsor this child from Palawan through World Vision and at times it’s get difficult to find that money.I also fervently wish that he would study hard.

    • it definitely made me feel good. i hope your sponsored child does well. i also am interested in doing volunteer work, in PAWS specifically but the time constraints block my path.

  2. Being rich is not necessary to be able to help.
    Sometimes you may wish to be rich so you could donate money to fund raising associations or donate to a cause you sympathize with but still you have no guarantee on how the money will be used or even if the ones you’re trying to help will receive any help.
    We sure need this bigger kind of help but we still need the smaller kind of help, like the one you just shared with your inaanak sa binyag (whatever it means, not that it matters).

    • you have a very good point. it can be scary, to donate to huge agencies. we have so much like that in the country. i just got word that my inaanak received them. i’m glad. i thought about you when i was finding a translation but couldn’t! LOL

  3. Godchild? Godchildren? Goddaugther? Godson? Goddess? LOL.

    I don’t know how many inaanaks I have na. Nalalaman ko na lang sinasali ako sa list kahit di ko sila nakikita just because I am a friend of the parent, you have no choice kaya, ok lang. The rason ng parents? When their child get older daw and want to go to school, alam nila kung sino ang hihingian ng tulong.

    I think I am not a very generous person but if “you call up my name, I’ll be there”.

    • sa tingin ko mas uso yang ganiyan sa kasal para just in case nga daw. hindi rin ako generous talaga eh pero sabi ko nga i have my moments din. siguro goddess ang inaanak. LOL

  4. hi! diba si dyanie ang partner mo? may post kasi sya na “thanks to PM”…so i assumed you sent her those stuff… he! he! baka malai ako…

  5. ako din, nagwowonder. rich people would rather spend on PhP100,000 bags than send a kid to school. of course they say pinaghirapan nila yun, which is true naman, pero anu ba naman yung tumulong ka sa kapwa mo diba?

    haay…ako din sala filthy rich ! he! he!

    • hindi ko partner si dyanie hindi naman siya kasali sa creative swap ngayon LOL pinadala ko lang sa kaniya yun talaga, yung para sa partner ko nakaayos na i just have to send it. dapat tumama tayo sa lotto para madami na tayong matulungan no?

  6. ang piso na galing sa puso ay may mas mataas na halaga sa Dyos kesa sa piso na galing sa isang malaking Trust Fund.

    Luke 21:4

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