Humpy Dumpy Had A Great Fall

I found this article on Y! Philippines today about yet another industry scandal from the People’s Republic of China, involving toxic children’s toys and clothes, probably for the nth time.

According to state media, nearly half of the clothes and toys made in Guangdong, the China’s top manufacturing province that is the center of their export industry, is unsafe, containing toxic levels of formaldehyde which can cause skin or respiratory infections, and lead, cadmium and chromium – all health endangering metals. All these due to the use of substandard raw materials and paint.

I am so starting to wonder whether this really is a secret plot of China to kill the children of the world one toy or cloth at a time, because this issue keeps on coming back from the milk to the kid’s furniture problem.

This finding has a great implication for Filipino buyers, especially those not on the wealthy scale because they are usually the consumers of China-made products albeit without so much knowledge as to the safety of what they are bringing home to their kids.

I guess sometimes, cheaper doesn’t always mean quality, and by far it absolutely doesn’t mean safe, so keep your wise-buyer caps on okay?

38 thoughts on “Humpy Dumpy Had A Great Fall

  1. wah gstu ko pa naman mga toys na ganito. these toys nga are quite expensive. and i usually buy mga three of them and that cost me 6k na.

    to find out na they contain hazardous substance pala. but heck, collecting them is a prize possession. tuloy lang hehe XD

  2. you know what, there’s a slew of Chinese malls here and they always offer cheaper options but heck, you’ll never know what they are made of ! Ang dami ng scare galing ng China. So in short, you only get what you really paid for 😦

    • LOL i remember when a chinese shop opened here offering various chinese food and the packaging is chinese! grabe pano mo naman kakainin ang ganon eh hindi mo man lang nakita kung ano ba ang laman nun o kung ano ba yun talaga!

  3. Cheaper almost never means quality.
    Cheaper is most likely to cost more in the long run.
    Still people choose the one they’ll spend less specially during hard times.
    It’s not new that chinese products may present higher chances of containing hazardous components but still they’re one of the cheapest you can find meaning it’s pretty hard to compete with them price-wise.
    Having conscience when making a purchase is the best thing we can do.

    • that is a better way to say it, have a buying conscience. yes i agree, the thing is not so many are aware so they end up still consuming those products.

  4. interesting… i now wonder why we don’t hear news about people who make these toxic stuff suffering skin and respiratory problems. lol. πŸ˜€

    • LOL oo nga eh consumer heaven na sana. pero heaven din naman ang pupuntahan mo pag nalason ka eh.

  5. naalala ko noong bata pa ako (kelan lang iyon, umayos ka), puro galing sa likod-bahay ang laruan namin. lata para sa lutu-lutuan, putik para gagawin kunyaring clay pot, gumamela at ninakaw na sabon sa kusina para sa bubbles, tsinelas na pang-tumbang preso, dahon na ginagawang parang windmill. cheap pero rich sa imagination.

    baka dapat balik na roon, huwag nang made in china.

    ay, at sa panahon ng recession, buy filipino na lang tayo.

    • siguro nga. naimagine ko an sinabi mong panahon medyo umabot din ako dun eh. it’s sad that larong pinoy are dying no? and i like that piece about buy filipino. kaso some are expensive. LOL

  6. Hi! tama ka minsan ingat lang sa pagbili bili natin..baka kasi yung iniisip natin na makamura tayo ay hindi pala napamahal pa. Ilan beses na rin akong nabiktima ng mga ganito eh… kuripot kuno kasi ako πŸ™‚

    nakakatuwa naman yung pusa sa tabi.


    • LOL i guess so, mas napapamahal nga in the long run kaso lang minsan yun lang talaga ang afford so may problema talaga.

  7. Very hazardous, they should ban this in the market. But these cheap toys (Made in China or not) will always attract consumer – kaya daming racket dito sa kariton’s. I buy cheap fake wathes for the fun of it, di ko lang kinakain baka poisonous, haha!

    Oh, I think the story about skin disease na nakuha sa fake chinelas was not real.

  8. i don’t know why they’re doing that. on purpose ba o hindi…alam ba nila o hindi…ewan! i don’t understand what’s runnign through their minds when they put something harmfuk in their products. panu naman kasi, they’re putting cost ahead of safety. tayo namang mga Pilipino., ayun, bili ng bili kasi nga naman mura. basta ako, i don’t trust china-made products!

    • minsan it pays off. LOL. nakita ko na ang alamat ng mali bay. LOL. 2008 pa yun eh hindi pa ako naguumpisa magblog nun kaya nalipasan ko. akala ko dati apelido mo yun.

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