The Last Red Spark I Saw

From my widgets on the right, it is pretty obvious that I am an on-line game player – and a very good one at that. LOL.

When I was in high school, the biggest Multi-media on-line role playing game or MMORPG was Ragnarok. Back then, my Man was totally ditching his studies preoccupied with it. You see, MMORPGs is a lot like blogging – it needs a lot of commitment and in return you will get a sense of satisfaction and entertainment. But I did not get how it worked then so I thought it was totally crap, until I hit freshman year at the university when I started to be involved.

I only play one though, ROSE on-line, the one created by North America. Like  most on-line games, the challenge is to ‘level up’ to the maximum level the game offers while defeating monsters and saving the world on the way, whichever job you choose. Of course this includes flashy equipment and clothes that are the cutest, plus there are gorgeous wings, carts, and castle gears available that you can also don.

However, the best thing about it of course is the fact that it serves as our bonding time, my Man and I, while playing. Sometimes I also see other couples playing, cheesy. LOL.

The maximum level in ROSE is 210. Now if you are wondering what is the last red spark I saw…

Do you know a mage who's max? LOL

Do you know a mage who's max? LOL

The ‘level up’ sign is red when it appears then turns blue. It is only a split second but it was joy. LOL.

I was asking my Man what am I supposed to do since I  have maxxed out, and he said I could focus on getting rich, the game has its own monetary and business sectors btw, or I can create a new character and start all-over again.

If you think about it, this represents a lot of universal truths in life, about reaching the top, about what comes in the end.

After reaching the finish line, there is nothing do to because you are done.

After reaching the finish line, it sure is joy at first but it can get boring after some time.

After reaching the finish line, after reaching the top, the only thing left to do is go down – and maybe try to reach the top again.


27 thoughts on “The Last Red Spark I Saw

  1. Video games are something I can never have the patience with—I have tried but failed miserably.

    You know, this post kind of makes me think of heaven or the so-called paradise, where everything’s supposed to be perfect and wonderful. It always makes me think “What now?” and this is totally blasphemous but I also feel that that can get boring after a while.

    • so your man is not a gamer? even video games? i think i won’t get bored easily when everything is wonderful and perfect. LOL

    • i am passionate in things i do – that’s the first reason why i do them LOL i am lazy. lazy so if i am doing it, it means i am totally into it. i’m a bit of an extremist so it really shows LOL

  2. Waa..Max na..galing!..

    Yan din ang kinababaliwan namin ng bf ko ngayon eh. Nagdownload kasi kami ng rose sa laptop ko (pero private server lang, the AruaROSE). Eto ginagawa ngayon namin buong araw hehehe… you can see our charries in my blog..

    katuwa..enjoy may balak ung kapatid kong lalaki na humabol..kaya katuwang bonding moments..

    • hindi kaya ng laptop ko ang rose kaya swerte ka. bakit hindi pa yung evolution? mas okey dun mas madami ang population. kitakits na lang dun!

      • Try ko po kung pede pa sya sa laptop. Actually,tagal ko ng gustong maglaro ng Rose kasi nga fave ko siya (kahit hindi ako marunong talaga at gusto ko lang talaga doon ay ang graphics! ^_^ )kaya lang walang akong makitang comp shop na may rose pa!

    • hindi naman kasi he is definitely better than me, nagkataon lang na nauna yung character ko eh siya naman talaga ang nagtuturo sakin pati ng mga gagawin.

  3. i agree about when you reach that final level, how a game can get boring. i’ve tried starting new characters, different races etc. but it’s never as fun as your “main” character.
    yes, there’s a lesson. enjoy the journey and don’t rush to get there. the end comes soon enough and always too soon.

    • i love my main character, even when it has max out i have not started a new one. i definitely enjoyed the process of getting there. definitely a lot of fun.

  4. It would be so easy to get hooked on that game!

    Hey I hope you don’t mind I nominated your blog for an award. If you want you can read my blog post called “Kreativ Blogger Award.” You still get recognition on my blog, even if you don’t want to do the meme (not everybody does these).

  5. I think that the question that should be done is not “What to do when you reach the top” but rather “Am I really at the top?”.
    MMORPG have maximums set because of various factors like programing capacity, patience of the players and others but in real life I believe that there are no limiters so is there really a top? Is it possible to exist a top? Is it possible to keep being there?

    Who knows?

    • this is a very good existentialist point. the answer to those questions of course varies from person to person but i do believe there is a top for most things or experiences.

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