Create Your Own Sunshine

The rain has been nonstop here since days ago and I could not be any happier. I love the rain. I love how everything is dim and quiet and cold. It kind of makes me want to just stay in bed and snuggle with my fat cat, Jin. LOL.

I think the rainy season is the perfect time for bonding moments, for long talks and reading books with a wonderful mug of hot choco on one hand and a blanket on the other. Such wonderful days ahead!


I have just finished packing my loot for my wonderful creative swap partner. I am so excited in sending it as much as receiving my own stash. I will be sending it on Friday. I hope my partner will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed preparing it for her.

I actually took a picture of it but I decided not to include it here, leaving my creative swap partner to hopefully post it on her own site.

I have been going around the blogs of the other creative swap participants and I found that a lot have already sent and received their own. I also realized that compared to them, I am embarrassed to call myself creative. LOL. They sew, make their own accessories and toys, heck, I think some even do carpentry!

I think the most creative thing I did was taking care of a fat cat with blue eyes. LOL.


It always gives me so much joy when other people express appreciation of my junk blog. This time around, a lot of thank yous to John for handing me the Kreativ Blogger Award and for the wonderful words.

Prinsesa’s Anatomy (She’s a young nurse and teacher and like me, she loves cats). She is a very skilled writer covering a variety of topics. You’ll see she is very creative in using her cat theme! I absolutely love her blog.

I wonder why the award is spelled with a K though.This also came with a tag, to share seven favorite things and pass this to another seven creative bloggers.

This is the kind of tags I like, the ones that won’t fry my remaining active neurons when I do it. Let’s see. My Asperger’s manifests in these stuff:

  • literature
  • photography
  • on-line gaming
  • art
  • shopping
  • meat
  • chocolates

Now I have seen so many people in the blogosphere that are way, way more creative than I am, and by being so I believe they continue to inspire more and more people to be more passionate about what they do.

To shadowmoon87, seraphine, niel, kg, caryn, sidney, and ax, kudos for creating your own sunshine!


24 thoughts on “Create Your Own Sunshine

  1. Rainy days for you there? Here it’s freezing days 😛
    Hard to wake up, hard to use the bathroom, hard to change clothes…
    Oh well, that’s life.

    Congratulations for the award and thanks for awarding me. I’m glad to know that you think I’m worth receiving it 🙂
    Just posted a post with the award so check it out if you have time.

  2. I am K.reative, LOL.

    But I hate rain. It doesn’t bring any smilies to my face. Umbrella? Pouring. Wet. Cold. – maybe because I can’t stand being in the house reading books because I don’t read books.

    Personally, I’d give you the “hairball” award. I mean your writing skills hocks up like a form of a hairball, instead of tossing it up, you put them together and becomes funny, witty and interesting!

    • kasi K you are a sunny person diba facorite mo nga maglakad-lakad hanggang maubos na ang pera mo kakabili sa mga shops you pass by? LOL.

      pero creative ka nga K sa interior designing diba pag binabago mo yung look ng apartment mo bongga talaga.

      oooohhh i love that hairball award. akala ko dahil sinusuka eh LOL. salamat K!

      • Huy, flattering naman yan. I am not that kind of person who spend “hanggang maubos” ha? I am not giving you the impression that I am rich, haha!

        • LOL but you consume branded items right? i am not so much a fan. LOL kuripot ba ako? hindi naman but i’d rather spend on fine dining than on fashion.

    • LOL now that is a good way to put it. or baka european yung mi pauso nito at inispell kung pano pinopronounce. LOL

  3. thank you prinsese for the wonderful “kreativ” blog award! it’s sweet that you think of me, because you have a thoughtful, funny, creative blog of your own!

    literature: best book i ever read was shantaram by gregory david roberts. or the very first harry potter.
    photography: anything by ansel adams
    on-line gaming: i’ve played ultima online, everquest, star wars galaxies, world of warcraft and for the last 2 1/2 years, second life.
    art: my favorite artist is susan at i mean, besides van gough.
    shopping: i love love love small bookstores, clothes and well, more clothes.
    meat: i don’t eat it. poor animals.
    chocolates. i love european chocolate. or ghirardelli from here in san francisco. plain milk chocolate, no nuts, no nougate, no fruit, no flavorings, just plain milk chocolate.

    i don’t know who is luckier, you or jin. hot choco in bed on a dreary, wet day sounds like heaven.

    • wow from your list i think you are indeed a very interesting person. i do not know how to play warcraft but my man is a monster with this game. he loves it so much LOL. i also love small bookstores. actually i find small shops attractive, especially the creative looking ones. i hate crowded places. ack!

  4. huwaw! napaka creative ko naman! lalagyan ko na nga ng ribbons at flower decors ang site ko para lalong maging mas creative! hehe!

    salamat, salamat! busy mode muna ako for the next two days! hehe!

    • i was choosing between this title and sunshine in a bottle as title and obviously the former won. creative swap is a group where people on the blogosphere exchange creative goodies with a partner. it is very interesting and has been going on for some time. it is my first time to join and it is pretty fun!

    • it is very laid back no? masarap magrelax. i wonder why vacations does not happen during these months? siguro kasi traveling is a hassle no?

  5. natagpuan din kita PM, halos ilang araw ako nag search kung san kita makikita at nasa kuta ka pala ni AX. 😀 salamat ha! nga pla ako di nag eenjoy sa tagulan kasi (bubulong ko na lang sa ‘iyo, e nabaha samen hehe)


    • kasi pag kapwa wordpress at nakalog in walang iwanan ng link eh hay matagal ko ng problema yan. ganun ba nabaha? dito samin pag bumaha dito baka nakasubmarine ka na.

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