Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

I was a very happy girl when June came in because the first week I dedicate to some long sought after vacation. I remember telling myself that I will not do anything productive during this time. So far, I think I am doing a good job in keeping to my goal. LOL.

Besides, I do not have any choice, the weather is too perfect for being lazy. Just like yesterday, everything is still cold, damp, and dim. It paints a smile on my face just watching those raindrops fall from the sky, crash into the ground and flow and seep everywhere, as if having this side of the world undergo a cleansing ritual.

I’m not sure though how much I will still love it for after this week, PM is set to go back to work, but not in the college where I taught chemistry last summer but to a new university where I will be teaching nursing obstetrics and pediatrics. I am looking forward to it but I am also uneasy because the resources available to me are quite limited, and that translates to obstacles for my would-be students. Anybody there willing to help?

Also, I got another blog award, this time, thank you to shadowmoon87 for passing on the Neno’s Award. I am guessing Neno was the one who invented the award. LOL. I think the logo is very cool too.

I like blog awards because it kind of gives you inspiration to continue on doing what you do best, plus it helps you feel betetr about yourself and your writing. Even though these are not Nobel Prizes, the knowledge that somewhere out there, you have reached people who are willing to listen to you and believe in you is awesome.

This too came with a question that is rather easy to answer, asking why I love blogging. To me this question is similar to asking why a bird chirps. Blogging – writing for that matter, to me is an advocacy that I tried to keep on doing even after I left the student publications on my college days.

I started my blog to continue my advocacy of empowering people, of creating awareness resulting to better informed choices about everything in life. This is my way of reaching out to others, and telling them that they are not alone in whatever circumstance they are experiencing. Through blogging I get to share my passion and in turn experience the same from the various blogs I read and learn from.

Each time someone would laugh, or make a good gesture to a loved one inspired by something I wrote, I know for a fact that I am making this world a better place. To me, blogging is doing my share for humanity.

And no, I am not practicing for a Miss Universe audition. That’s just how it is. LOL.

I gladly pass this on to bloggers whom I know, through reading them, are passionate people in what they do, and continue to inspire other people to do the same. To K, panaderos, reichan, carver, and ceemee, a high paw five for doing a job well done.

40 thoughts on “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

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  2. Thank you very much for this award and most especially, for the very kind words, Ms. PM. I appreciate it a lot. I apologize for taking a while to respond but my breaks from work have been quite few and far between lately.

    Anyway, thank you very much again and I hope that you and your loved ones had a great weekend. Have a nice week ahead. 🙂

  3. wow.. prof. sa field ng science!

    still raining today, no sign when bro. sun will appear, I just hope tomorrow he appears coz I will do my laundry 😉

    • LOL i think there will be sunshine here tomorrow because we have a clear night sky. i hope your laundry will have one too.

  4. Well, it looks like your reason to blog and love it is much deeper than mine 🙂

    And yes, rainy and cold weather is perfect for doing nothing! Too bad I have classes going on 😦
    But at least I get to have some fun with colleagues and friends 🙂

    • maybe LOL i have work on monday so i guess we are parallel already LOL what i love most is the hot choco during rainy days! but it is very hard to shower because it is cold.

  5. My first award?! Thank you very much! Really appreciate it!.. And congrats, too!

    Rainy or not doesn’t really change much for me. I’m still locked up in our room in front of my laptop. ^_^

    Haiz, ang di ko po gusto is magpapasukan na ako sa monday at umuulan. It’s really hard. And of course, katamad! ^_^

  6. you well deserve that prinsesa musang
    congrats and more power
    by the way
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    you can now cast your vote in my blog (www.bluedreamer27.blogspot.com)for the best song choice through Poll Survey
    Survey will last only up to three days
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    have a great day and happy blogging

  7. hm, ang dami mo ng award na natatanggap ah. minsan nagdududa na ako kung magkano ang binabayad mo sa kanila.

    magkano ba?

  8. i just came from the office and opened you site. the title was bulls-eye…super ulan! at ilang baha ang nadaanan ko! talaga namang raindrops keep falling on my head! he! he!

    • because i was working the whole summer vacation. just the first week of june, next week off to work!

  9. A neno not a nano? If that was the latter grab ko na agad, nano eh?

    I’m a little lost there, what’s the award about pala? I’ll give it a try, kasi alam mo naman I am a very anti-social person (choosy in other term, haha!) and sarcastically speaking, I don’t support kasi people who blog just to get attention, haha!

    Thanks PM, will put this tag on my “itinerary”.

    • i am also lost about it but i am a grateful girl so i took it LOL i know you do not do tags like this K, is itinerary another word for oblivion? LOL

  10. My mother used to be a practising Chemist and now teaches Chemistry. Maybe she can help. Lol. Believe it or not, that was one of my fave subjects when I was in highschool.

    Congrats on the award!

    • my aunt is a chemical engineer. grabe nakakaloka sila ano? i am also good in chemistry in college kaso i realized teaching and studying it are too very different things.

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