Banned To School

While elementary students have been terrorizing teachers for a week now, high school in private institutions will only be beginning tomorrow. That spells doom for my youngest sister, Kulot, who has been lousily counting off hours till she wakes up everyday at the glorious hour of 5 AM.

It has been my pledge to wrap my siblings’ books every year just before they hit school. It is probably one of the most fun bonding activity we do that is productive, compared to playing on-line MMORPG. LOL. What we do is look for fun ads on magazines, wrip the page up and cover their textbook with it before putting on plastic.

I did this way back my high school days and I discovered it is a very fun and creative way to invite motivation to bring my books, much more read them, because they look very sassy and attractive. In fact, ‘decorating’ books this way was so fun that when I entered the university, my classmates would do the same until it became a trend.

However, this afternoon while I was getting busy with Kulot’s books, a very interesting set of pieced together ads captured my attention.

The front of the ads look very cute.

The front of the ads look very cute.

However, when you flip it over, it gets really disturbing.

However, when you flip it over, it gets really disturbing.

Looking at the taped images of Gandhi and an FHM model was way beyond weird.  I was just glad I did not misplace the front from the back or else.

I bet students will be ‘very motivated’ if their book covers looked like this though.

Speaking of which, I was wondering what happened to debates that were stirred by the Reproductive Health Bill in the past about including sexual education classes for students?

sex education

From my standpoint, if taught properly, this additional load has the potential to empower the young and give them better options and enhanced awareness. However, if it is mishandled, I think it will only invite students’ curiosity to try a practical test.

At the rate things are going, when talk about sexuality is as taboo as talking about death, I think it is going to be a long, long way.

48 thoughts on “Banned To School

  1. Culturally speaking we Pinoys shun talking about sex and society just allows us to discover sex ( which could be traumatic) or learn about it from friends 😉

    I totally agree about sex education being taught in schools for enhanced awareness. Kaya lang it will take some time for our Pinoy mind set to accept such an idea but hopefully , over the years we realize its benefits, just like other countries did.

    • siguradong matagal pa kaya matagal-tagal pa din pagdurusahan ang effect of being uneducated about it.

  2. kasama ‘yan sa pagbibinata at pagdadalaga ng isang bata.. tamang gabay sana ang kailangan lalo na ngayon panahon na ito..dahil sa mga advans na teknolohiya 😉

  3. i remember my sister and i loved to wrap our books with christmas wrappers just because christmas is our favorite time of the year. also, the wrappers make us think we’re carrying gifts. this post makes me miss of my school life in the philippines. good times.

  4. That’s a nice thing to do for your sister. I remember wrapping my books as a kid but not so sure my daughter did that. Odd that I can’t remember (my daughter is 24 so not that long ago). That is a bizarre side by side ad and disturbing.

    • if not for the wrappers i would not be carrying my books so it is very important for me. it is bizarre and sometimes nauseating.

  5. I used to do this when I was younger, and sometimes I would make collages of whatever things. During that boyband/girlband era, you can guess that my notebooks were covered with the faces of the BSB, N*Sync, and Spice Girls.

    I have voiced out in my blog my stand on sexual education, and I’m all for it, as long as it gets to be taught in a scientific way. I had a teacher in 2nd year high school who would make green jokes all the time when studying the reproductive system and that only prompted students to do their own research-. (Hey, we just watched porn, kay?)

    In my freshman year in college I had a Family Planning subject and it was very informative. I must say that helped me make better choices. Sadly, for some 17 years old is too late to learn what they need to.

    • LOL that would look interesting for sure. i agree, samin sa nursing sisis ang mga ganito eh kasi nga scientific, logical, at methodical ang pag-aaral.

  6. all you guys talk about are BOOBS. what kind of role model are we going to be if all we talk about are tits. it’s getting too HARD.

    • yung kapatid ko napagalitan dati kasi akala nga magazine ang binabasa niya habang klase dahil nga iyon ang cover!

  7. i love the book covers! that’s a fun idea. usually, i just drew on mine.
    education or not, kids at a certain age are interested in sex. one can teach responsibility, safe sex or abstinance, but kids still make mistakes. still, i think education is always better than just telling someone they can’t do it.
    and p.s. adults make mistakes too.

    • it is fun and very cool too. it brings a lot of motivation too LOL even animals are interested in sex so that is not surprising LOL

  8. during my highschool… mahilig din ako mag cover ng magazine pages sa books at notebooks ko at sobrang nakaka enjoy yun at parang sarap nga lagi dalhin…

    *From my standpoint, if taught properly, this additional load has the potential to empower the young and give them better options and enhanced awareness. However, if it is mishandled, I think it will only invite students’ curiosity to try a practical test.*

    I agree… nasa nagtuturo talaga yan eh… kaya dapat maituro talaga ng maayos at nang nde makaisip ang mga estudyante na ipractice sa buhay nila.

    • bobbies din? LOL oo naman eh sira pa naman mga high school LOL i remember may freedom wall sa school dati about this ayun kakilakilabot ang mga nakalagay.

  9. Ouch! 5am! Hindi ko kaya iyun! Kahit tanong niyo pa po kay pia, si sir Lintag na 1st class ko late pa rin ako! hehe.. Buti na lang math un, safe ako.. ^_^

    Mas nafocus ako sa pic ng lil sis mo po kesa sa model. La lang, katuwa lang sya..hehe

    • it is easy to say that it should start at home but i thing that is very hard especially in the pinoy culture.

  10. just yesterday, wendy asked me how babies are made. i didn’y know how to answer. after 8 years, i still haven’t prepared myself. gosh! i have to practice my spiel soon!

  11. Ah…wake up at 5am? Wow…at what time does school starts? 7am? Does it take 2 hours to get ready and get to school?
    When I was in highschool I used to wake up at 6am or something around that (6:20 normally) because classes would start at 7am.
    Now that I’m in college classes starts at 8am but I still have to wake up 6:20~6:40.

    And you know, I have no idea how a sexual education class would be like…I never have had one and never really felt the need to either…well, that’s how my formation was and since it worked for me I guess it could work for others but again it could not, oh well.
    Sometimes I think curiosity should lead the way but whenever I think of the possibilities on how this could end I step back and re-think….but then I think on how I grew up with curiosity leading my way and see how I turned out and I get in doubt…I’m not such a bad person…or so I believe.

    • we live far away from her school. about an hour ride so there is a needs to get up real early. the class? i am guessing it would be pretty interesting. LOL. the right type of curiosity will surely give you a nice footing, that’s what you call initiative, but the wrong type can lead you to places you do not want to go for sure.

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