Sharing The Sandbox

Ever since the jurassic period, PM was never great at socializing.

When I was a kid, I so sucked at it that my classmates bullied me to death, well at least to the death of my interpersonal and trusting skills.

Now that PM is working, sharing the sandbox with other people in the playground is an asphyxiating task that can sure leave even Poppeye the sailorman burdened.

It has only been a week though. I sure hope I can get over my Asperger’s issues or else.


15 thoughts on “Sharing The Sandbox

  1. Yah, socializing can be hard.
    I still have some hard times with this but I’m getting better at it.
    Sometimes you just need to convince yourself that it’s not so hard.
    Well, this post is somewhat old so let’s see how it’s turning out by reading the other posts. 🙂

  2. I go back and forth between being a hermit and wanting to be around people. I work from my home computer so that sort of encourages my hermit side.

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