The Boat Is Sinking

After a week of work, I think I am starting to be fine with the new playground I have. The fact that indeed, there are many people to share the sandbox with is starting to be fine. It’s all sinking in slowly and I am taking my time, almost savoring every moment of it.

It has been very interesting, and for what it is worth, PM is always on her toes. All of a sudden, an enigma appeared –Ā  and when there is a ball of yarn, of course, the Musang will play.

My blogging has been affected adversely by work though. My bloghopping was reduced to none at all and I thank my friends who still visit me even when I am an absentee blog friend.Ā  A few more days and I am sure our regular programming will return to normal.

So far, the good news is, PM is smiling again – and a big one at that.

18 thoughts on “The Boat Is Sinking

  1. “So far, the good news is, PM is smiling again ā€“ and a big one at that.”>>>Really nice to hear that. Congratulations for being up on your toes again.

    Naku, pareho tayo. I’ve been an absentee blogger din. Been really busy at work. Nakakatuwang may mga taong handang bumisita pa rin sa mga blog natin kahit na hindi tayo nakabisita. It humbles me and it really touches me.

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