Dead And Gone

As I set foot on the hospital yesterday morning and greeted the staff nurses, a loud sound from outside jolted all of us. We all rushed outside and obviously, it was an emergency case, a boy, a toddler, has drowned, and was dead on arrival.

I was not sure of the efficiency the health care team was able deliver the news to the family of the boy. Maybe, no matter how many years of practice and experience you have with this kind of thing, it is never easy.

It made me realize how simple life really is – there is an end, and it can happen any time, all of a sudden, and that’s it. Like my prepaid load expires just when I need it most, life and death can be a check that bounces off the bank and you are suddenly sank.

But you know what? I think the saddest thing in life is to die… while you live.

26 thoughts on “Dead And Gone

  1. A child’s death is one that pains me the most. People are not supposed to die way ahead of their time. 😦

    Anyway, I am glad to know that you’re well. I apologize for my rather long absence from these pages. Take care of yourself always, my friend.

    • but who knows when is their time right? i’m also swamped in work. ugh. you take care also bakerman!

  2. No one is immune to death but what’s life without death?
    This topic came up while I was talking to one of my friend.
    If you can’t die, or in other words you’re immortal, are you even alive?
    There’s a need to have this duality otherwise one will loose it’s sense.
    It’s like wanting to have light without shadows. Heat without cold. It’s probably impossible. If it’s possible to have one without the other, will one still be itself?
    I hardly believe so because the duality gives it’s characteristics.

    Death is surely something sad, sometimes tragic but it’s necessary.

  3. That is so sad. Death is inevitable, we can never really tell. It scares me how am I gonna die, I hope not in the sea where the sharks are going to feast on my decaying body, haha!

    Well, let’s just say, kailangan may sign-up na sa memorial plan, sooner or later, dun rin naman tayo papunta. And I will leave a note to my lovedones with my url, para they can read it when I’m gone. For now, enjoy life! Let’s go shopping already!

  4. but in real life it’s better to die than living 100x worst…>>>para lang to sa mga pessimist na katulad ko πŸ˜€

    ^^ dapat tayong maging masaya para sa kanya… hiiigh…

  5. grabe! sad nga! just goes to show that no one is immune from death. and you’ll never know when you’ll be leaving! haaay..sad naman ako for the family of the little boy. 😦

  6. tama ka dyan
    yun tipong dead in the inside
    yun tipong gigising lang sa umaga at parang zombie gumagala sa kalye at walang pinatutunguhan

    teka, may pasok ba?
    may bagyo, ah

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