PM’s Paper Crane Project

Rem, my friend from the college publication told me yesterday that he has visited my blog after a long while and after reading my posts, he concluded that I was really getting busy and preoccupied by work – of course this was on a sour note.

I could not agree more. In fact, my blog hopping has suffered tremendously because of the heightened stress brought to me by work. I thought I am scattered and my usually composed self is loosing its grip. It may be because of the new environment and new terms I am still adjusting to at work but all in all, it has been ugly. LOL.

That’s why I decided I needed to collect myself and slow down. The method to which I would do this, I’ve decided, is through making paper cranes. Yep, that is my project these days – each time I would feel hyper, stressed, overwhelmed or whatever it may be, I will do paper cranes.

Bekaru, my other friend from the college publication, told me how to fold them yesterday. My target is to fold 1,000 paper cranes before the semester ends sometime in October. Since last night, I have folded 31. Actually, two were donated paper cranes, from my Man and piapot. If you want to donate too, just let me know and I will send you my address so I could have them.

To be honest, this paper crane project means a lot to me, and I am predicting that I will learn a whole lot of things about myself and what is going on around me just by making them.

It may sound silly but I believe folding them, one paper crane at a time, might just be the secret to my success.

37 thoughts on “PM’s Paper Crane Project

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  2. heehee. i hope the origami paper came in handy! the 1000-crane project is actually very therapeutic—or so my japanese friends have told me. students usually make them for a sick teacher or for someone who need moral support 😉

  3. I’m in need of some de-stressing methods. Just more two days, more two days.
    Folding is a good way, playing a musical instrument is another (specially the drums, oh yes!), listening to music could also work. Unfortunately I don’t have time to do it right now and that’s sad.

    Anyway, I could send you a papercranes without a problem via mail so if you send me your address I’ll send’em. You can use the e-mail in my blog without a problem. 🙂

    • good luck with your last days before winter break. but how can i put a number on your virtual paper crane? LOL that’s sweet.

    • good luck with your last days before winter break. that’s sweet. okay i’ll send you my address later.

  4. Stress therapy?

    I believe your project is about preparation of “getting married soon”, haha. Well I heard folding cranes to at least a 1K pieces brings luck to both of you.

  5. that’s a great way to relax, just like playing a musical instrument 🙂

    For me I thought of buying a punching bag and a pair of gloves so I can unleash my stress on it hehe.. I have enough space in my basement for it anyways 😉

    • sa naobserve ko parang lalo yata akong nasstress eh LOL siguro kasi ginagawa ko siya pag bwisit ako LOL

  6. Sana nagpaturo ka saken ang galeng ko dyan sa paper cranes. Ano ka ba… gumagalaw pa yung wings ng saken. AY… nako.

  7. cute… nasa publication din ako ng school namin hehehe
    though im working their as a chief artist at konti lang ang contribution ko sa content kasi more on the pictures ako hehe

  8. hahaha unahan tayo ha??? pag naunahan kita makapagfold ng 1000 paper cranes bibilan mo ako ng mamahalin at sosyal ng chips ko!!! hahahaha

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