And It All Falls Down

After a month of whining work, PM has finally settled down, and as I’ve said before, I am more than fine, I think I am happy now. LOL. Thank you for all of your words of encouragement and discouragement. LOL. Much appreciated.

When I started to find my focus, I started to see so many interesting things again, and be able to laugh that hearty laugh – I sure missed it. For one, last Saturday, my sophomore students were having their return demonstration of administering medications – in other words, they were practicing giving injections on each other all for my joy. LOL.

It was surprising that so many of them cried. During my days, nobody on our class cried, maybe because of embarrassment or fear of being called super sensitive or overacting. OMG did I just use the phrase ‘during my days’? LOL. I am getting old, aren’t I?

However, the most interesting thing happened when one of my students, a girl older than me, was having her turn to be injected by her partner. She did not cry during the firs two shots – they were having three – but after the third one, which was intramuscular, she passed out! Goodness, it was most surprising indeed. But she became okay soon enough. Maybe I should thank her for passing out because it made the experience more fun for me. LOL.

Also, if you are wondering what ever happened to my crusade against office politics, I have brushed it aside because I realized, for the longest time, I have operated as if the world is a fat ball of yarn and I am the cat that toys with it, and at this point in my life, there is sure no way I am going to let it be the other way around.

Plus, I have long known that being good is not a crime. It is not my fault I am brilliant. LOL.

27 thoughts on “And It All Falls Down

  1. Faint with three shots?
    Strange way to react…oh well, humans are strange beings right?

    And if you can amuse yourself with all this strangeness than you’ll be fine because there won’t be a shortage of amusement in the near future.

    But that’s how people should be, find joy in simple aspects of life. If your daily life is a routine, are you sure you have already seem everything of your routine? Maybe there’s a little detail that you still haven’t notice because it’s already something you automatically oversee. If you’re completely sure that your daily routine can’t bring you any more joys or amusements than try to break it and make yourself a new routine. Or even better make a routine of breaking routines, this can be extremely fun and entertaining right?

    Simple things can bring an enormous amount of happiness, it’s all up to you to learn how to take advantage of it.

  2. nyahahaha! oo nga naman! di mo namaa fault kung brilliant ka! wala sila pake! wag mo na sila intindihin. hayaan mo silang ma stress! πŸ˜› buti naman at okay ka na πŸ™‚

  3. i used to look away from needles. then i forced myself to watch.
    i had blood drawn recently. watching the technician swab my skin, find the vein, stick the needle in my arm and change vials without hurting me was fascinating.
    i told her she did a wonderful job.
    and i didn’t faint.

    • it’s been awhile since i practiced administering medications so when i demonstrated it to the class i was kind of nervous but it was good i did not mess up LOL i am glad you did not faint or else LOL

    • i was starting to get sick of all the fat tears really, but the fainting brought joy back to me LOL

  4. hay naku PM, tama yan, kahit saan mya office politics. the best way to deal with it is to ignore it! yaan mo sila mastress! πŸ™‚

    • yan nga din ang sabi ni don domeng eh tsaka sabi ng mga kapatid ko it was so unlike me to care, or maybe pretend that i care LOL btw, i am excited na about the next round of creative swap!

  5. LMAO!!!

    No offense ate but you’re like an S-type teacher. (^_^)v

    But after reading your post po, I realized that watching those kind of moments can also bring joys to me. LOL! So that means I’m an S-type, too. \(^o^)/

  6. The injection practice was the most fun I experienced in the class. I remembered we had to bring one person (other than your classmate) for a “trial” prick. I was even suggesting we do it in the butt.

    The only thing that I got scared of was when the actual test was to do it on an older patient, hirap kaya tusukan ang mga oldies ‘tas sisigawan ka pa.

    Sounds like you’re back! Keep it up, ya?

    • mine too LOL but we did not bring other people to practice on, just with our classmates LOL i remember being so nervous i felt like i was pushing the plunger but it wasn’t moving at all! galit ng instructor ko LOL yes i think i am back and i am back with a vengeance LOL happy blogging na ako ulit for sure!

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