It Can Be Done

It has got to start with a lot of love.

To make a positive impact on this world has been an advocacy of mine, something I wish to accomplish everyday I am conscious about it. LOL.

To be honest, there has never been a time when I felt I was too little to make a change, or too small to leave a mark. It is simple really – I believe that even the smallest, most random acts can change the course of life; after all, when you add a pile of small good things, the end result has got to only be best big things.

Like today, Ma’am PM was back teaching, but this time on the clinical setting. I had my first day of duty as a nurse clinical instructor for the university at a local primary hospital. My students were also sophomores but coming from a different campus. I handled two groups, 22 students all in all, who were also having their first time of clinical exposure as student nurses.

I have only left the nursing academe two years ago, after graduating as a part of class 2007-2008, so it is a fact that how it feels to be a student nurse is not very far from my memory, no matter how much short-circuit it seems to be sometimes. I can perfectly recall how it felt like, to be wearing that hospital uniform, excited and anxious at the same time, eager and fearful all at once.

It did not help that some of the clinical instructors I had certainly had no clue about teaching. Basically, a typical clinical instructor is someone to be feared, someone who is a foe, and it seems, is someone who has made it his or her life’s mission to embarrass you in public.

If it was any consolation, if not for the weird teaching principles and methods I received when I was in college, I would not be a teacher now, with a certificate on professional education I earned just last March. Also, because of all the horrible things I’ve seen, I have made it my mission to be a better clinical instructor – way better.

I made sure I related to my students, made sure that they saw me as a teacher and not as a three-headed monster. I ensured that they were learning and that the learning experience was both fruitful and fun, and more importantly, that it improved their confidence, not only in doing things right, but in being brave enough to try. After all, the essence of nursing is supposed to be caring.

Back in college, I would often hear instructors say that if they would not be mean the student nurses would not follow or would not learn. You know what, I never believed one bit of it then, and with what I’ve seen in my students, certainly more so not now.

It was heart warming, how they evaluated their first day of duty with me, telling me that they learned so much, and that they had so much fun actually working. Seeing their faces, I could not compare mine, nor my groups mates’ then, with how we concluded ours.

My students learned; more than that, they were happy.

But of course, I was happier.

42 thoughts on “It Can Be Done

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  3. “It has got to start with a lot of love.”

    That’s a great start,a step in the right direction, rather than being a 3 headed monster , hence “bitchy and unpopular” ( from my post) hehe πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, what an amazing post! Hope you could be the teacher of my niece, she said some of her teachers in nursing are like Hitlers and Mussolini that’s why some of the aspiring nursing students tend to shift to other courses. Go, girl!

  5. I’m happy to know you’re happy. I wish I could say the same about myself. I’d like to be happy, but for some reason, it’s a bit hard for me to be happy-happy. Wait, is prozac locally available? Kidding. lholz.

  6. and the same goes for those who get caught in the glamour of fame, fortune, and power. you don’t have to be rich, a movie star, or a president to make a difference. i also tell me kids that you can either choose to be a mayor or a garbage, a donald trump or a cook,…as long as u like what u do and u’re helping people along the way, DO IT. the simplest acts can make the biggest difference. i know because i was changed by a simple hello from a half-naked boy in Tondo. cats rule! dogs drool!

    • oh wow that must be some experience! you should tell me more about it! i cannot agree more about dog drooling. LOL see we have a dozen dogs.

  7. Your students are lucky to have you. I think students learn more when their teachers are compassionate and have a love of teaching and respect their students.

    • somehow what i give to my students is what i missed during college so i am glad they are just having a better time studying than me before.

  8. Teaching is an art not many grasps it’s essence.
    And even among those who grasps it, fewer are the ones who can master this art.

    Teaching is really something hard to do but, as you stated, it can be done and it’s really rewarding.

    Keep up with the good work and remember that you’re not the only teacher in the class, all your students are teachers too as they have a lot to teach too.
    Being able to learn from your students is also an important step to becoming a better teacher.

  9. Like MJ once said, “There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one”.

    Back then I can only think of our CI’s in one word, FIERCE. I don’t know why, they don’t seemed like the CI’s I was expecting them to be.

  10. a very inspiring post here! i agree with on this “there has never been a time when I felt I was too little to make a change, or too small to leave a mark”.

    happy weekend!

  11. ang galing PM. alam mo, i also wanted to be a teacher because i wanted to help “change” the world and make a difference. imagine being given the chance to mold young people to become better people! i would love to have that chance!

    but as you have said, i can also do my own “thing” to make a difference: “I believe that even the smallest, most random acts can change the course of [my and someone’s] life”

    • teacher ka din ba kg? what i like most is the littlest praise can change the lives of our students forever. i find it so amazing.

  12. To be honest, there has never been a time when I felt I was too little to make a change, or too small to leave a mark. ->

    Wow… I sure would like to have the same thinking. I often think my actions don’t do much. Must.Change.Perspective. πŸ˜€ I love your approach on teaching.. Student’s need more teachers like you. πŸ™‚

    • i am sure you can do it because the first step to doing so is realizing that you must change right LOL thanks for the compliment.

  13. congrats on embarking on a teaching career, one of the noblest professions around. and in the health care field, too! nurses like you make us all proud to be pinoy worldwide. πŸ™‚

  14. That’s true, whoever and wherever we are, we can make a difference if we want. Making a difference starts with feeling good about ourselves everyday. As I wake up, I excited to find out how many people I would make feel better/happy(ier). At the end of the day, I’m the happiest pag naka-quota ako. Lol. =)

    Thanks for joining the contest. =)

    • i do not feel good about myself everyday but i sure make sure i accomplish a lot when i feel good about me LOL np and i’m going to win!

  15. who would want to repeat the worst of yester-years when something can be done to come up with better and more pleasureable outputs?… you’re definitely into making small steps to the only constant thing—change.

    on the other hand, there will come a time you would want to do a lot of things but teaching (as a CI). during this rough time,remember your advocacy of making/leaving positive impact to others(one point for you today, your comment on my blog increased my confidence on my craft, I may ave the guts to join creative swap)… ^_^

    • i make sure i always focus on what’s important. most of the time i get it right LOL you should join the creative swap. it is fun!

  16. To be honest, there has never been a time when I felt I was too little to make a change, or too small to leave a mark.>>> nice! me too. im used to being part of organizations of which part of it is fighting for advocacies. this post is very inspiring as we can if we believe we can.

    regarding your question if ive been to bataan, yes been there twice.

    • time constraints has prevented me from joining organizations. i sure would love to join PAWS one day. well if you have plans of coming back you should drop by here and see me LOL

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