The Girl Who Cried Wolf

My family and friends were stirred by an e-mail, apparently sent by me through my e-mail account, saying that I was in Nigeria and needed help financially because I have lost my wallet and I needed $2500.

Mother Goose told me about it last night and truth be told, my e-mail account has been hacked, and I cannot gain access to it this morning.

It amazes me how much spammers can do. For one, they have active imaginations, faking out stories for who knows how many accounts they use to create scams. My family and friends knew of course it was not me. If that was me, I’d ask for a bigger sum of money. LOL.

To everybody who was on my address book at prinsesa_fajardo, my account has been compromised and you can have the honor to ignore or curse any weird messages that you will receive or has already received.


Yesterday, my students at the emergency room received a reality check on what nurses really do.

We had a poisonous snake bite case and our primary hospital did not have anti venom. The patient, who was a mother of two young boys who came with her to the hospital, had to be transferred to Manila, about three to four hours from where we were.

When the woman came in, she could talk and breathe normally, though she said her eyes were blurring. By the time we got her lying on the ER table, as we were starting the IV line and oxygen, she was numb and blind, her speech was slurring and she could not breathe.

It was all very quick, from the time she came in to the time she was transferred. My students were there to see it all and they told me it changed how they looked at nursing – that it required so much strength and compassion at the same time.

One of my students told me she wanted to cry but she knew she couldn’t. She said she was so moved by the way the mother kept on saying, “look after my children, look after my children” time and time again until she could speak no more.

We were informed that the patient died on the road, during transfer, not long after she has left the ER.

I told my students that experiences like this were not uncommon in the hospital setting, and this was just the start of the many life and death scenarios that they would see. If there was anything positive that came out from it, my students said they were motivated to study harder, so that next time a life was in the balance, they would know exactly what to do so that they could help more.

My heart went out to the family of the patient, and to my students, who gave me a glimpse of how beautiful their souls were, for being brave, for being emphatic, for being strong.

37 thoughts on “The Girl Who Cried Wolf

  1. pm!! yes, only w/ gmail account can post a comment but i think pwede anonymous tapos lagay mo nalang name mo sa ilalim. i’ll configure that how. ;P

  2. awwww.. the ER part was sad and touching. 😥

    As for the hacking part.. oh yessss.. hackers are everywhere. My hotmail account got hacked. Played the who-changes-the-password-faster game with the hacker. I won. 😛

    • the venom was already up her system when she came to the ER so to be honest i really did not think she will make it to the next hospital but of course we had to try.

  3. this is one reason why i didn’t go into the medical field – i’d be taking home the sadness all the time, but my prayers to the Mom who passed away.

    • what’s funny is that my empathy to patients was non-existent when i was a student but these days i think i have enough LOL

    • when you are there even when you want to cry there will always be that feeling that won’t allow you to shed tears. well maybe until after you go home.

  4. Spammers got your account? That’s bad though it’s something beyond our control. Using hard to guess passwords and being cautious about what you do on the internet is the best option but still it’s not 100% safe.

    Speaking of e-mail, I didn’t receive any e-mail from you regarding the paper cranes and where to ship. I don’t know if you forgot or are being cautious (which I completely understand).

    Now, back to the post.
    Working with lives is not easy task. When you see that there are times in which you simply can’t prevent the worst scenario is when you realize how weak we are but when you surpass this scenario and bring back the hope you’re probably rewarded with an uplift of will.
    It’s sad that a life was lost but if this motivated the students to work harder to prevent it from happening again than I think it was not completely in vain.

    • i forgot LOL i will e-mail you after this LOL with my new e-mail ad LOL i just wish that experience will contribute to the growth of my students

  5. That made me sad, we really never know when and how to die. My heart burst near to tears for the children. What if it happens to my family? Sometimes we don’t know how to express our feelings over a sudden death of someone really.

    I’m sure you know what spammers do these days, breaks into your own home and leaves you feeling, “what did I do”? Try to activate the anti-spam of your email or totally closed it and make another one. Or tell them to access to your blog in case they want to read on “what’s happening on you” diary, hehe.

  6. the hardest thing to do is to be calm when a life is threatened. you want to be able to *do* something. a nurse can at least say some kind words, hook up an iv, give some oxygen and maybe pray. and sometimes there’s nothing you can do. that’s the reality.
    but too, most of the time, nurses create miracles. and hopefully your students understand that.
    i hope you are ok, prinsesa. hugs and more hugs. it sounds like you need them.

  7. ay, kawawa naman yung pamilya nung namatay.

    As for the email, I change the password regularly. At yung password, combination ng Capital, symbols at numbers. At least 10 digits parati. My email password is different from the password I use in social networks like facebook at friendster.

  8. i received that email and i was supposed to email you back na but i didn’t. naisip ko nga baka scam kasi di ka naman nagsabi na pupunta ka ng ibang bansa. if you were able to retrieve your email add, please change your password na mahirap talaga. put symbols.

    • hindi kasi ako makapagcomment sa site mo kaya hindi kita nasabihan diba google accounts lang pwede sayo?

  9. Can’t believe your email was hacked. It makes me blood boil when I hear these things. I normally decline email cookies ( you automatically get signed on when your PC connects). I always prefer to sign on manually, the hard way, everytime I connect to the email system.

    Tough to be a nurse eh? My sis is a nurse in the States and she jokes about the horror stories about nurses being stolid or bato, but I guess we are all humans and get affected by it whether we like it or not.

    • i really do not know why they decided to hack my e-mail. when i was a student i did not feel a thing LOL i do not know what happened now LOL

  10. That’s so sad about the fatality. It must be so hard working in the medical field when tragedies like that occur.

    The spam is so annoying and I hate the idea someone can hack into computers.

    • it can be tough but that’s a day in our life LOL yes, it can be really annoying especially if the e-mail belongs to you LOL

  11. Wow! Good thing you were with your family… imagine if you were actually vacationing somewhere in Africa when that happened.

    Sad, what happened to the mother… especially for the kids.

    • LOL it was funny but it was a good thing i have two e-mail accounts, isa pa alam nila na hindi nga ako yun kasi konti lang yung hinihingi eh LOL it was sad especially when the two kids left, so heartbreaking.

    • hindi ko na matandaan eh, siguro malapit na mag middle age. dito kasi yung itsura tsaka edad kadalasan malaki ang discrepancy. do you think we could’ve done anything else para sa kaniya?

  12. re:spammers…i was victim too. they tried to viagra through my account.

    re:nursing…the weirdest part of it is when u get used to tragedies. the scariest part is thinking that these can happen to u and ur love ones, too.

    • popular ka din? LOL i think i am used to tragedies LOL i think magmula ng naging professional ako dun lang ako nakakaramdam ng empathy LOL sabi nga ng student ko naisip daw niya yung nanay niya after nung case namin kasi madami din daw snakes sa kanila.

    • it is amazing how i feel my focus increasing during times of emergency. i feel proud of myself. LOL. hindi pa pero we are doing something about it na, hopefully today makuha ko na ulit. LOL

  13. lam niyo po, para sakin, one reason po kaya ang isang tao ay nahahack kasi popoular siya..that just means you’re popular po ^_^

    i admire your students po for being brave…

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