Missed Me?

Life has preoccupied me so much I realized all of my recent posts are asphyxiating to some extent! LOL

Because of all the drama work, there has been not much time to breath relax but since I am fine now, allow me to stress it further by posting something fun for a change LOL And what better way to have fun than be with my fat cat Jin!

Did you miss my fat cat Jin?

Did you miss my fat cat Jin?

Wolverine watch out

Wolverine watch out

Can somebody lower the air-conditioning?

Can somebody lower the air-conditioning?

Also, I would like to say thank you to Ched’s friend, Clown, for sending me this adorable bucket of gummy bears. It’s like catnip but on a gummy level.

Bucket Uh Bears

Bucket Uh Bears



35 thoughts on “Missed Me?

    • i think this one was bought from royal in clark. they are common in malls right? LOL i wonder if there are gummy chickens?

  1. Bucket Uh Bear? Does the “Uh” mean something?

    Gummy bears, years since I last ate one. Jelly and tasty, at least that’s how I remember those, hope they’re still like that.

    And what is that second picture of Jin? It’s…creepy, I don’t know. Nonetheless cats are nice, pretty nice…at least I have a tendency to prefer them to dogs.

    • ‘uh’ is slang for ‘of’. they are so gummy LOL the flash of light caught the cat’s eyes that’s why LOL

  2. if you’re a gummy bear lover, you have to try haribo from germany! they invented gummy bears!

    jin is so cute! i had a cat back in pasig that looked like that…siamese-like, with “burnt” tails, paws, ears and nose.

    i have two black cats now.

    • oh wow that is a nice information! i will try to locate someone from germany LOL wow i bet your cats are cuties too i’ve always wanted black cats but i’ve never gotten one yet.

  3. I misss it, when you don’t post and I am always glad to see Jin! So, those gummy bears are cat treats? So many people like gummy bears; somebody might eat one by mistake! I guess it wouldn’t kill you though!

    It amazes me how you find time to do all the things that you do! I’m glad you make tiime for the blog though!

    • LOL thanks when i began work i had trouble with my blogging but i have adjusted now so everything is okay!

  4. wow ang cute naman ng pusa mo…. naku parang ayaw naman sa akin ng mga pusa… lagi ako kinakalmot… ehhe stick to dogs na lang muna ko pero my lil bro meron kitten na napulot nya sa kung saan hehehe
    uy enge naman ako ng gummy bears hehe

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