Don’t Let The Cat Bite

Sleepy Jin

Sleepy Jin

Amongst the many patients I saw yesterday at the hospital OPD, two struck me most.

One was a beautiful innocent girl who had a huge lump on her left chest. It was still unknown what was contained in that cyst-like lump – we did not have sophisticated machines in our primary hospital – but the doctor said it could be abscess or water, and it could also be malignant or benign, depending on the laboratory work that will present.

As I watch the little girl leave with her mother, it was as if I heard my heart broke into small pieces, looking at the pure innocent face of that little girl and how fragile she was in her early childhood, yet the state of her health – or her life – was so unstable.

It just felt so unfair. Here was a soul who was so young and fresh and had the whole world ahead of her yet was threatened with illnes and suffering, or death. Of course, there is also a chance that everything will be okay, and the sparkle on her eyes before she was out my sight, made me wish that it would be so too.

However, the next patient that stuck with me got a different side of me involved. She came in for anti0rabies shots because apparently, she got bitten by a kitten whom she found in her house and when she was trying to dispose it like some unwanted thrash, the kitten bit her on the arm, the appearance of the wound got her disturbed so she immediately sought medical intervention. Trying hard to keep my tone neutral, I inquired about the state of the kitten, and uncomfortably, she said her kid killed it.

It felt like I went blind for a few seconds because my pupils constricted so much because of anger. I really cannot imagine how inhumane some humans can be in treating animals. I cannot believe how some can call themselves human yet their concern for innocent and helpless animals measures to the emotional range of a monoblock chair. To be honest, I did not want to give that woman her shot, and I did not feel any guilt at all in wishing for rabies to get her. If it was any consolation, th doctor did not allow her to have her shot at our hospital, because her referral from the health care facility where she got her first shot was incomplete and vague.

Inside me, I felt some sense of redemption for that little kitten, whom I know for sure is now playing with a giant ball of yarn and is given warm ear scratches by the Absolute Whiskers up in cat heaven.

23 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Cat Bite

  1. A mother disposing a helpless kitten like a trash. And her kid disposing it permanently from the face of the earth… sounds like a family of animal haters. I would have given her a piece of my mind, or better yet,an overdose of Demerol if there’s one available.

  2. Well, I believe many animals are pretty selfish and humans are no exception.

    First think about yourself than about the others from the same species and only than about other species.
    There are humans who are not that way, of course but many just think on themselves first and think that they’re the most superior being that have ever stepped on this soil. Hard to handle people like these but in a profession where you’re in contact with various kinds of people everyday you got to be mentally prepared for all these situations and, unfortunately, you have to react coldly and firmly and treat all equally. Not even justice is like that but you have to be. This is so unfair but I do understand why this is needed.

    Well, face forward and let’s go, life keeps going right? Just hope that life will repay that person for her attitude.

  3. yung mga bad na kitty lang yung inaaway ko pero yung kuting na walang kaalam alam sa mundo di ko sila sinasama.

    sumalangit nawa ang kuting na pinatay ng bata.

  4. easy PM! i was imagining you murdering the woman with a syringe! he! he! those people maybe have no regard for animals. hay, may mga ganun talaga.

    regarding thegirl, i’m sad to hear stories like these. when my mom was still undergoing chemo, i have tears in my eyes when i see small kids also undergoing chemo. they should be enjoying life instead of being in a hospital. no one deserve that. haay…

    • hay nako kung pwede nga lang minurder ko na talaga ang babaeng yun no! it is very unfair when bad things happen to innocent people pwede namang sa mga criminal na lang diba? LOL

  5. life is really unfair…
    for both the little girl and the poor little kitten…
    for mankind and for the animals, that is…

    some people doesn’t realize how important life is until they find themselves in a matter of ‘life and lifeless’ situations.

    Good thing, humans were made to be rational individuals that we are given the gift of knowledge to be used divergently, and the gift of heart to correspond to what the mind seizes to do…
    yet, sometimes things go unsteady and life tends to be just out of our own control.

    To both the little kitten and the little girl, may the Lord be with You… šŸ™‚

    • eh nakakaawa kasi eh ang liit niya para sa bukol na yun siguro two years old lang yata eh. siguro kasing laki ng kamay na nakastretch yung fingers.

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