Guess What

Somebody tell me what animal do you think this is:

Very interesting

Very interesting

a. Naked MoleRat

b. Hairless Cat

c. Pig

d. Weird Dog


33 thoughts on “Guess What

  1. oh i didn’t get pig out of that. it’s too skinny, and the skin looks too soft. (pigs aren’t soft to touch, they are coarse and rough).
    the tail though is what gives it away as a dog.

  2. Well, the answer is already given so there’s nothing for me to guess but it really does looks like a dalmatian.
    It’s too big to be a pig and the tail does not resemble a pig.
    If the picture were smaller than it would be easier to deceive viewers. 🙂

  3. .,its a breed combination of a weird dalmatian dog, a spotted pig and a hairless cat… (imagine.. 😉 )

    runs in the blood- the attributes of the three…

    but its a big ‘d’ for me… 😀

  4. everyone,
    yeah, yeah it is a dog but it sure looks like a pig to me. so to blue rose and the lady in green ruffles, thank you so much for supporting my artistic sight. you too kg!

    to ax and blogusvox, you too are very rational beings.

    and JC, you never cease to amaze me.

  5. Judging from the floor tiles size, this animal is large. So we could elimante the rat and the cat. Again the place looks like it’s inside the house, I guess I can safely assume its a dog!

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