No Googly Eyes Allowed Inside


Like lightning that rips the evening sky apart

In a split second, it was as if you’ve read all I tried to conceal,

As the dark of yours pierced into the paleness of mine

From across the dimly lit room, causing a celestial collapse,

Surprisingly, transporting me into an alternate reality,

Where in the coldness there exists only you and I –

Where it is possible that you and I… can be us.

I am terribly suffering from lack of sleep, and as usual, I am pretending to fill my noggin with creativity, even when in reality, I am horribly spacing out.

BTW, the photo is not mine, though it is very beautiful. I just downloaded it from google search.


24 thoughts on “No Googly Eyes Allowed Inside

  1. Nice poem. I liked the idea of the first line, it caught my attention.

    BTW, sleeping is a good way to rest not only your body but your mind.
    If you’re unable to sleep I would suggest you to pay a visit to a doctor or to a sleeping clinic to see what’s the problem. It’s most likely stress but it’s always good to be sure.

    It’s not good to have bad sleeping habits you know.

  2. yes, it is great picture! i love the purple sky!

    and please do get some rest PM…the hospital doesn’t need a sleepyhead! he! he! πŸ™‚

    happy evening PM!

    • problema ko nga yan kg eh yung lessons ko for next week kahit isang sulyap di ko pa nabibigyan ng pansin LOL

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