Inside Your Heaven

PM has always conceded to life.

I cannot imagine how many bazzilion, godzillion times I have told myself that life is tough. I remember writing in a past newspaper column that life is a multiple choice question, either sink or swim. Now I realize, if life is really sink or swim, I am in deep trouble – I cannot swim. LOL.

Following a good friend’s advice, I have built my own bubble, one that is supposed to filter the world that the ones I permit will only be the thoughts and experiences that will reach my consciousness. I can tell you that it has worked well, until I noticed that bubbles are thin, globe-shaped air films that cannot filter even an ant without bursting into pieces that can hurt your eyes.

I have been braving annoying winds lately and I would like to think I have remained strong. But you know what? Times really do come when you just want everyone to disappear so that you can have enough oxygen to breathe.

Life is generously unbelievable that when it throws something at you, it is always grand, nauseating, and asphyxiating.

But I guess I’m keeping my head above the water. Maybe, life is supposed to be really unforgiving – that’s what heaven is for.


Picture is not mine again LOL Got it from googlesearch.

38 thoughts on “Inside Your Heaven

  1. naku. malulunod din ako. i also don’t know hot to swim!

    your’re right, PM. sometimes one would feel like drowning in the sea of life. but what you’ve been doing is right, sometimes, it’s just right to just go with the flow and just take what life gives you. and then you’ll find yourself just floating to the right direction. πŸ™‚

  2. if you can’t swim, play the turtle. you can flat on the surface of the water and play the island. perhaps you can draw a friendship out of a water skipper or one of those small fish that hide under lily pads. the fish are anti-social, so they make the best friends. i’m sure you could share stories and laugh about your situation. and if you produce some eggs, you won’t even have to shop for food.

  3. heaven is not in the after-life. it comes after a major adversity…the after-death. it’s the realization of peace.

  4. You either sink or swim….
    If you don’t know how to swim you still have two choices, try to learn or give up and sink.

    Life is tough, I agree, but it’s either face it or leave it right?

    And life is not always tough, there are light moments too, maybe we just need to be able to balance our focus.

  5. Aaaaw, what shall I say? But just to give you virtual hugs and suggest you try (indoor) skydiving (my recent post) like I did. For a while, everything looked like a bed of roses. Hang on PM. That, too, shall pass.

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