There came a point in my life where I wondered why people celebrated their birthdays the way they do – or was I only questioning who should treat who? LOL.

Happy Birthday Don Domeng

Happy Birthday Don Domeng

Don Domeng celebrated his 57th birthday yesterday, here with us at home, with a simple dinner with family and some friends. It was so much fun and the food that Mother Goose whipped up out of her kitchen was absolutely divine. My Man and I came home early so we could be taste testers and it was a hard job to stick with the only testing part. LOL.

What I found to be important was that birthdays are a constant reminder to us, not only of how long we’ve been staying here, but of how much we have done with our lives. As each year passes by, before blowing those birthday candles, we are compelled to take a pause to reminisce about what has been going on, and the faces of our guests tell us who we have become. I realized that the number that comes with birthdays really do play a significant part – because the higher it is, the longer the measure of what we have done good should be.

Looking at Don Domeng last night, looking at myself in the mirror this morning when I woke up, I can honestly say that what my father has done in the past 57 years has been a good job – and I believe it is my responsibility to keep it that way for a long time.

After all, I have always reiterated, my father is my honor.

41 thoughts on “LVII

  1. Why people celebrate their birthdays the way they do?

    Depends on each individual.

    I, for instance, simply ignore the existence of my birthday since I was what? 16? Not that I ignore, I simply don’t care about it. Sure that my parents care and always bake a cake or buy something different as a treat but I really don’t mind about it.
    Been quite a while since I last had a birthday party and it’s been also quite a while since I had a group of people who actually knew and remembered about my birthday date. Thinking about it now I believe that only my parents and my closer family knows (and remember) the date I was born.

    Now, is it sad? Not for me. Sure it’s a date when you complete a cycle and it’s a measurement for everybody but still I see it just as another day. It’s not a special day or anything and I don’t think it needs to be special.
    We’re here, we’re alive, we’re interacting with others, we’re leaving our mark in the world. If you’re special to someone than you’re special despite the day we are. If you did something special for someone it’ll still be special despite how old you are.

    Some people use birthdays as a date to celebrate, gather friends and have some fun. I believe that you don’t need a reason to do that. If you want, just do it!

    But not everyone thinks like I do and I respect those.
    And that’s why I also wish a Happy Birthday to your Dad because I know that you also care a lot about him and about this special date. πŸ™‚

  2. stopped celebrating my bday after 24…so everytime people ask me about my age, i think 24…or my wife reminds me.
    i know a healthy 99 who said she’s seen it all and ready to die anytime…she said nothing has shock value anymore.
    ikaw? how old r u in human years?

    • LOL my cousin stopped at 18. 99? i don’t want to live till i’m 99. just thinking about it horrifies me LOL. i’m 21. in cat years maybe about 112. LOL

  3. .,ei happy belated birthday don domeng… πŸ™‚

    (hmmm…. I miss the old times… wanna go back to Fajardo’s Lol πŸ˜€ ) of course Tita Edna, never was a new thing… cooking and cooking the best tasting foods…:) yum!… πŸ™‚

  4. What a great honor for your Father’s bday. Basta birthday, we always love to celebrate it no matter how many candles we “blow up” in the icing cake.

    Sadly, I don’t usually celebrate mine after my 18th bday. For me, bdays should be all about Thanksgiving.

    Happy B for Don Domeng.

  5. happy bithday to mang domeng! you’re right, if you, PM, are any indication of his achievements, I could say he has done a wonderful job. cheers!

    • LOL oo don nga tama! thanks, i think having a tail adds to it LOL nako ang dami ng cheers ni don domeng ng birthday niya LOL

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