Somebody Call the Vet

Is there a doctor who speaks cat language on call?

Is there a doctor on call who speaks cat language? Sorry, I got no subtitles.

Migraine? Check.

Rhinitis? Check.

Periorbital pain? Check.

PND? Check.

Sore throat? Check.

Muscle aches? Check.

Body weakness? Check.

Whew. That was a long list. Somebody call – what’s that number again?


26 thoughts on “Somebody Call the Vet

  1. Assessment:
    migraine- stressed lang (pagod)…

    rhinitis- minsan dahil lang sa allergy sabi ni doc. hehehe… (for sure di naman sa pusa…)

    periorbital pain- kagagamit ng computer (hihihi)…

    PND- daming may acronym na PND (Phil. Nat’l D?)…

    sore throat- ai ice cream yan!…

    muscle aches- first time mag gym.. 😀

    body weakness- napagod sa pag gym…

    Diagnosis: (ai Ma’am wala po ko NANDA… 😉

    Nursing intervention: a thousand hours of rest… 🙂

    get well soon…^_^

    • LOL i hope not. i don’t have any plans to obtain a throat swab though. they are all related: migraine, PND, and periorbital pain. all are because of my PND, and stress perhaps.

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