Paper Crane Origin: Brazil

You might’ve known for long that the art of paper crane folding originated from Japan. Let me tell you something: they came from Brazil – from shadowmoon to be exact!

The flight of the paper cranes took some 1800 Kms to reach me!

The flight of the paper cranes took some 1800 Kms to reach me!

I just received the parcel that shadowmoon sent which contains nine paper crane donations for my 1,000 paper crane project.

Shadowmoon's paper cranes all the way from Brazil!

I think shadowmoon's paper cranes look way better than mine. LOL

I really, really appreciate the effort shadowmoon, thank you so much – to think how far these wings came from! I can imagine you folding them one by one, just like when you are doing your wonderful paper crafts.

If you would recall, I started my paper crane project as an anti-stress technique against the hassles my work environment presents me. I stated that each time I would be stressed out, I would transfer my negative vibe into folding paper cranes until I reach 1,000 by the end of the semester.

Fortunately, I am glad to say the necessity that is to fold paper cranes has decreased dramatically, since I am now able to control my thoughts and emotions better in response to not so healthy energies around me. I think you would be happy to know that my bubble is back and stronger than ever, my claws and whiskers on their proper places.

I stress very little nowadays and I find so much to be grateful for – like receiving paper cranes from a friend! I realized that moving to a new environment would always entail a crisis, that later will be nothing more than a laughing matter.

29 thoughts on “Paper Crane Origin: Brazil

  1. So it finally arrived!
    I was wondering whether it would take much longer.
    Glad to know that you liked the cranes and even better to know that your necessity of using it as a stress reliever was reduced.

    Don’t let life overwhelm you ok?

    • i also have lapses especially when i have stopped folding in a while and it is very funny when that happens because i feel so stupid LOL.

      welcome to my litter box btw. thanks for the visit.

  2. I just know exactly how you feel. I am finally leaving the Mental Hospital tonight. And I just feel so much relieved.


    It feels good really.

  3. poeple who can make paper cranes are awesome!!! haha.

    and here’s wishing you more/perfect peace of mind! i love it when people are happy. πŸ˜€

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