Epitaph Love Letters

Death ends a life, not a relationship. – Morrie Schwartz

In light of recent events in the country, my thoughts push me to think about death. I am very comfortable talking about death, much more talking about my own, wondering how I am going to die, or more specifically, of what disease will probably take my life.

Mother Goose would be fuming mad each time she would hear me or my sisters talk about it. I guess she is a part of the typical Filipino – or even the world’s – culture that cringes each time death would creep up on conversations, as if it can be transmitted if you speak of it.

But of course, I differ in that world view. Maybe because I have so much accepted that death is as natural as living – as it always had been – and it is a lucid truth that it will one day come, and that there is really no harm done when it finally comes, better yet it brings peace. After all, the only way to be with the Absolute is only through it.

When I see people cry over a loss, I had always thought those people are crying because of selfish reasons: because they cannot see, feel, and be with the deceased. But I would always feel relieved each time I would know that someone suffering from an illness or really old age has passed. I would always welcome their peace and end of their suffering. Their passing will always be good news to me.

And when the time comes that it is my time to pass, the thought of my epitaph crossed my mind. It took a nanosecond for me to realize what I wanted written down on it. I would want the same one as that written on Morrie Schwartz’s.

A teacher to the last.


53 thoughts on “Epitaph Love Letters

  1. pwede bang isipan mo na lang ako? hahaha kasi takbo ng takbo ang neurons ko hindi pa mapirmi para makapagisip naman ng tungkol sa ibang bagay… hahaha

    ano kaya sa tingin mo ang bagay na epitaph sa aking magandang libingan? hahaha

  2. “Achilles: I’ll tell you a secret…
    …something they don’t teach you in your temple.
    The gods envy us.
    They envy us because we’re mortal.
    Because any moment might be our last.
    Everything’s more beautiful because we’re doomed.
    You will never be lovelier than you are now.” — TROY (the movie)

  3. ‘ i am reminded of Dumbledore’s view on death.. that “to an organized mind, death is just the next great adventure”
    – napaisip tuloy din ako ng epitaph.. hmmm.. mamyang gabe, I shall not sleep unless an inspiration comes to me and get an epitaph of my own..
    – such a well-written post.. keep it up.. i’ll be following ur blog from now on, hope u wont mind.. =)

    • that is a cool way to think of it. di ba no one knows what lies ahead so it should be very exciting.

      may naisip ka na ba ngayon na ilalagay?

      salamat sa iyong pagdaan.

  4. ALL THINGS MUST PASS – one of the facts of life we cannot change ! Well said, esp from a young woman. Stats sat that say fear of spiders beat even the fear of death hehe 🙂

    People who have too much fear of dying, too much fear of being left alone, too much fear of the unknown are generally those who live the most miserable lives here on earth 😯

  5. death amuses me just like how i fancy dragonflies. there is this certain aura of psychopomps that thrills me when i think of them every time i look at the moon.

    i have suicidal ideations.

  6. kahit nga part of life ang death
    madami pa din ang takot dito
    dapat nga magkaroon na nga paradign shift, eh
    dapat death should be viewed in a more positive light
    di naman kasi katapusan yon, eh
    it’s the start of a new beginning pa
    teka hindi ba redundant ang last statement ko?

  7. In light of recent events in the country, my thoughts push me to think about death. I am very comfortable talking about death, much more talking about my own, wondering how I am going to die, or more specifically, of what disease will probably take my life. -me too

  8. Death is a topic that not many are fond of.
    And I do agree when you say that people cry over others death due to selfish reasons. The ones who are left behind always asks why they’re left, how could they be left, how they’re supposed to live without their guidance. It is selfish but it’s not a bad thing either.
    Unless you consider selfishness as something strictly bad.

    When I think about my own death, I don’t think about what will happens next to me or what comes next for me but think about what will happen for the ones who stays here. How will they deal with it?

  9. I truly enjoyed reading this entry. Growing up in a conservative Filipino family, death isn’t a favorite subject. I’m glad to have read your insights. It’s made me think and look at death in a more positive way, but I do have to say that I’m not ready for it and I wouldn’t want my loved ones to leave as well.

  10. i also think a lot about death nowadays (since my mom got the CA). i’ve also been thinking about mine and about what will happen when we cease to be.

    yes, crying at deaths is selfish, because we cry because we will no longer be with our loved ones when in fact, we should rejoice because they are in a “better” place. but i guess that’s part of being human.

    • they are always in a better place. i can imagine the peace. it’s all about hard acceptance, i guess. give my hugs to your mom kg.

  11. Instantly I remembered my late grandmother, it’s a big no-no for her to be talking about death. But it one of the things which is inevitable. Must be discussed in good taste. =)

    • i guess that is the trick, to discuss it in good taste but try talking about death with people who works in the health care field and you’ll be surprised about what you’ll find out LOL

  12. Death is a natural thing. Part of the cycle of life. I only fear it when it comes knocking at my doorstep and I haven’t fullfilled all my obligation to my family. Otherwise, I’ll welcome it like a friend.

  13. just like change and taxes this is the one other constant thing in life…

    i don’t see people crying over a loss as something selfish… specially if the person they’re crying for was taken suddenly. may stages ang grief, and everyone goes through it… they cry because first they don’t accept the loss… but eventually, they’ll heal.

    • the sad apart about the grief process is getting stuck and then committing suicide after LOL i like that bit about taxes and death LOL

  14. i get so sad, whenever i catch talk of death in conversations, and even here in the blogosphere. well, its an inevitable fact of life, but still, sad..

  15. i love that line from “tuesdays with morrie.” it’s a beautiful reminder that our faithful departed never really leave us. that same line comforted me when i lost my grandmother last year.

    • it’s a wonderful book filled with things that we already know but are constantly trying to deny. i’m sure granny is out there watching over you while drinking coffee in the clouds.

  16. This was a thought provoking post and I agree. I’m comfortable discussing death too and sometimes it does come as a release to suffering. At the same time I think it’s normal to grieve the loss of loved ones.

    • ako paulit-ulit ko binabasa yun, yung kung ano lang yung mabuksan. it’s full of wisdom kasi, maganda. each time i read it may bago akong realization.

  17. To cry when a loved one has passed on might appear selfish, but is it really? You cry because you’ve loved that person… Loved him/her so much so that the loss of him/her has made you lose your composure. Crying because of loss may not be as selfish as it first appears 🙂

    • i’m not saying it is a bad thing to cry. it is normal after all. what i’m trying to point out is the reason why people cry.

      hmm… that gives me another thought: love and tears really go together, don’t they? LOL

      • The people cry because they’ve lost someone they truly valued; they cry because they don’t want the loved ones to leave them; they cry because they’re lonely without them… Don’t they? 😕

        Love and tears do go together. Love’s not as never-ending as one would like it to be. 😀

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