Peace is a Fight

The number you have dialed is either unattended or out of coverage area. Please climb the mountain.

The number you have dialed is either unattended or out of coverage area. Please climb the mountain.

I don’t fight. I am a diplomatic person… whose idea of diplomacy is like that of saying ‘good doggie’ while getting a bigger stick. LOL. I don’t fight. I do aggressive negotiations.

But peace does not always have to be a fight. Here are some words that might be helpful and turn your ‘fights’ into a conversation, and maybe for a change you might end up winning your cause.

1. I understand.

2. I am listening.

3. Let’s look at it from your point of view and from mine.

4. What I really mean to say is…

5. Let us be objective about this.

6. I am not mad, I am confused.

7. Maybe we should talk later to let off steam first.

8. What I hear you saying is…

9. Are you trying to say that…

10. I’m sorry.

Now this works best when you don’t shout them to whoever you are talking to, okay?

40 thoughts on “Peace is a Fight

  1. I don’t fight because it’s not in my nature.
    I’m one who likes peace and tries to avoid any conflicts as best as I can though when I need I do embrace the cause.

    Most of the times you can surely avoid fights but not everyone is willing to do so and this is something that if one don’t want, one may take the consequences alone, unfortunately.

  2. Well…. I have not been into any fights lately, but this a good list that you shared. I especially like #3.รœ What’s needed know is how to say it without raising one’s voice.

    • it is hard to listen because you need a lot of patience and obviously patience is almost always out of stock in stores near you LOL

  3. for me, the best thing is to keep my mouth shut and just smile [not the sarcastic one]. derederecho kasi ako pag nagsalita eh! he! he!

    our world needs more peace, even among ourselves, don’t you think?

    • wow hindi ko naisip tawagin ang mga to na anti-fighting tips LOL. i saw your new house. maganda ang header at tag line ha congrats

  4. Oh crap, these days, there are people who are aggressive to mostly anything. Just try to go to the market, those Manangs would yell like “huy kung hindi ka bibili wag mong hahawakan yang tinda ko”.

    When you say, “I’m sorry”, sasagutin ka ng “sorry sorry di naman pala bibili eh”?

    So what do you do?

    Seriously, that would depend on what you’re fighting about. Sometimes if I want to make peace with someone even though it wasn’t my problem, I’ll just give that person the time to cool off and make peace. Ewan ko ba, mga girls, pinapahaba usapan, yung mga boys, dinadaan sa suntukan. There are people kasi na mga childish and idiotic.

    • cat fight! LOL i think you can never rid the world of stupid people. humans are stupid that way but what’s great is how we manage to get along amidst our stupidity.

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