The Passionate Dater

I took this quiz on facebook titled ‘What kind of dater are you?’ and the result is ‘passionate dater’, with an explanation that reads: “You are the one that takes things seriously. When you are in a relationship you are always committed. You also never get too involved unless they are very important to you.”

I think it is a fitting interpretation. After all, what kind of a relationship is one that lacks commitment?

Oh, a relationship which is a no relationship. LOL.

And what kind of person gets involved with something irrelevant? Psychopath? LOL


30 thoughts on “The Passionate Dater

  1. ui ui ui po….

    actice na ako sa facebook..
    kasi isang gabi, napagtripan naming laruin ang games dun haha..

    kaya paadd naman po..
    email add ko po o kaya searcch na lang my mahiwagang full name..
    lalabas na ako…
    rina jelle susi..

  2. ‘ geezz.. dz is somethin’ that gave me more questions than answers.. define a relationship which is a no relationship. and why psychopath? won’t crap be more fitting? ahahahahahah! mang-away ba ako? =)

  3. never heard of one-night stands? or friends with benefits? some people date just to date. or get married just experience a wedding. or have children because one feels the need to…
    but when i think of passionate “dater”, i think of someone who would fall madly inlove right away or someone who’s a freak in….nevermind.

  4. Perhaps one’ll get into an unimportant relationship for the sake of experience? A fling? Something to brag? To get the number-of-guys-dated to increase? I don’t know.

    That aside, how could you trust facebook? It labelled me to be a terrible lover. 😐

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