Are You Smarter Than A Monster?

Working on the accreditation of the College of Nursing and Midwifery in the university, PM spend the whole day at another campus and slaved till the world spun around my consciousness.

I was designated on Area II – Faculty, with my good friend, Sir Benj, and when lunch time came, we decided to go to a nearby fastfood chain.

While waiting for our order at the counter, Sir Benj played with the drinking straw container, strangling its top cover to make his hands busy. Little did we know that a tiny monster kid on the other counter was watching him intently and maybe, when the kid could not resist what she was seeing, she went up to us and pressed the straw container while telling Sir Benj, “Ganito po gamitin yan o [You get a straw from here like this],” demonstrating flawlessly then saunters triumphantly away.

More than the kid’s surprising helping hands, what made me laugh really, really hard, was when Sir Benj defensively said, “Alam ko naman gamitin to no! Pinapaglaruan ko lang [I know how to use this! I was just playing with it]!”

Hmm… I think kids have been stalking me real good lately!


34 thoughts on “Are You Smarter Than A Monster?

  1. .,nakakatuwa naman yung sir benj… πŸ˜€ haven’t seen him yet… nuh po tinuturuan niyang year?

    nakakatuwa din yung bata…:D
    what a cool little girl she is…:D

    pakulitan sila ni sir benj…

  2. Haha, pinatulan ba daw? Bad bad bad.

    Well it happened to me din, these kids picked me as their victim, I know pinag ti-trip pan lang ako. So I played along – you know if you are bothered and mad with them, the more they love to do it over and over again, at yun tumigil sila.

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