Spell Yacht

I would often play Guess The Sketch (GTS) Challenge on Facebook these days against my sister Kulot, her classmates, and my Man. We would often have such a grand time that every round ends up with us having stomachaches from too much laughing. It was so much fun that there would be times when Kulot would open her account and her classmates would ask for me so that we could play GTS already. LOL

On one particularly fun game, it was my turn to draw and the word was yacht. What was funny was that they knew what the word was but could not spell it correctly! I was dead on the floor laughing my lungs out. The kids would spell yatch, yates, yatee, yate, yatch, yate yan eh di ko lang alam spell! [that is a yacht, i just don’t know how to spell yacht correctly!] – everything but the correct one!

The best part about it is that you could tease them endlessly about their blunders – either when they misspell a word or cannot guess an obvious one after everybody in the room has already done so.

But more than that, I think it is the bonding that we create which is most special, especially that my sister is an adolescent, the knowledge that I am a part of her life, and a fun one at that as attested by her peers, is what would definitely keep me drawing hands that look like edematous bananas in GTS, possibly for a long time.


24 thoughts on “Spell Yacht

  1. Uy, alam mo ba just recently eh napaisip ako sa spelling nito. I even googled it. Haha. Nobody’s (always) perfect. =) Naalala ko last year. Yung officemate ko pinaspell sakin yung strength. That really happens eh, nakakalimutan natin minsan.

    • mahirap naman talaga magspell ah LOL nakakalito nga din yang strength na yan basta kasi iba yung pronunciation sa spell mahirap eh LOL

  2. Pwede ba boat? Ahahaha. In the phonetics book I use to teach my kid students, the word yacht is there, of course for Letter Yy. I suddenly feel proud of my gradeschoolers! They can spell that word correctly, only most of the time they would pronounce it as /yakt/ Hehe

    Sounds like a fun game, although I’d never play that with my guy—He can’t even draw a leaf to save his life.

    • congratulations to your kids LOL it is not really about drawing skills but the ability to comprehend them. you should try it. it can be really fun.

  3. Yot.
    What’s so difficult about that? Yot. Yot. It spells like it sounds, right?
    the word i had trouble spelling was colonel. it sounds like kernel.
    my friends and i would try to think up funny words. real ordinary words that sound funny. like pig. we’d laugh so hard, tears would come to our eyes.
    hahaha. it’s fun being silly.

  4. parang fuchsia lang tapos sasabihin namin “pink” nalang haha! o kaya naman yung “Czechoslovakia”, sasabihin namin, “pwede czech nalang?” hahaha! šŸ˜›

    korek! kahit na magkabaluktot pa kayo sa pag iispell nyan eh ang mahalaga eh yung bonding nyo. šŸ™‚

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