To Mr. Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

Erm… I know you are probably very busy right now preparing your things for Christmas and all, but I was just wondering, since I think I have been reasonably good this year, and it is my birthday on the 3rd of next month, I was kind of thinking if there is a way I can get my present earlier than expected? Christmas is right around the corner, I know, but can’t you consider having it right around my side for birthday’s sake?

Neil Gaiman The Graveyard Book

Twenties Girl Sophie Kinsella


It’s okay if you prefer airmail or snail mail. You can also deliver personally if you want. Thanks Mr. Santa Claus.

26 thoughts on “To Mr. Santa Claus

    • it is never too late to start besides it has been only two months. you should also try the one suggested by seraphine. i am also interested in it.

  1. carl hiaasen books are crazy. they are so funny. they make great beach reading.
    water for elephants by sara gruen was excellent. it’s the best book i read this year. it’s not new, it’s been out for a while.
    i hope santa is good to you this year.

    • wait kg, i will send an e-mail to santa containing the address of my chimney. oopps, we don’t have a chimney. will a gate be fine?

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