Short Circuit

The past days, I have found myself severely out of focus. I would like to say it has only been days, or maybe I have just lost count. The old cabbage seems to be floating in midair sans any content  yet it feels so heavy as if I have been slaving to death.

I am finding it difficult trying to shake my anxieties away. I am not even sure why I have anxiety attacks. It will be my birthday on Saturday; my cheeks should be numb in an anticipatory smile, yet I feel stupidly shaken.

I know I am stressed because last night it felt unbearable I sought for my guide – I watched Kung Fu Panda, again, for the one millionth time. Somehow it felt good, and when I start to feel my anxieties are about to creep up, I recite my line for the day: “You are too concerned with what was and what will be.”

Ahh… now that brought some much needed oxygen.

19 thoughts on “Short Circuit

  1. happy birthday prinsesa!
    wishing you sunshine and love.

    p.s. if you feel anxiety, you aren’t getting enough hugs. you will feel much better after hugging your cat and everyone in your family, and then hug your friends and everyone who wishes you a happy birthday.
    HUGS! from sera.

  2. ‘ it sucks but it does take time before you could shake those blues away.. it would force you to wallow, and like you said, think of things that you should not in the first place.. find consolation on knowing these shall all pass.. the musang should hang on.. somethin’ tells me those whiskers are made of steel.. =)

    • now that has got to be heavy whisjers LOL thanks very much though i sure hope for this pass, and sooner not later.

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