PM’s Birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PM. Huuwaw bday mo na ulit! ILYVM babe!

Napadaan lang ako dito para bumati. LOL 😉

Batiin nyo din siya, para kasama tayo sa pa-PARTY nya hehehe 🙂

-My Man

26 thoughts on “PM’s Birthday!!!

  1. happy birthday prinsesa! wishing you much love and happiness on your special day. and i’m reading that another typhoon is nearby, so stay warm, dry and safe. enjoy your party!

    p.s. after singing happy birthday, it’s traditional to give the birthday girl a pinch for growth (kids) or else a pinch for good luck (adults).

  2. Happy birthday! Sana madamay namin kami sa malaking pakain tulad nung nakita ko sa mga picture last year hehe… At least, tumigil ang bagyo pagsapit ng bday mo!

    Hope it’s fun! God bless! 🙂

    • LOL birthday was more quiet kasi the mood was not very right for a big celebration. but it was still fun. thank you very much!

  3. wiiiiiiiiiih!! happy birthday!!!

    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday
    happy birthday
    happy birthday to you!!!!

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